Saturday, April 11, 2020

9 Types of Businesses That Are Open During the Extended MCO

As expected the government has announced that Movement Control Order will be extended for another 2 more weeks (14 days) until 28th of April 2020. Muhyiddin Yassin insisted that the extended MCO is necessary to really help us to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus. It is understandable that lockdown is causing a lot of Malaysians to lose their jobs and affected businesses. It this continues a lot of employers will be busted, forcing them to shut down. This in turn will also cause even more employees to be laid off.

Only full-service laundry is allowed to operate

So right now the government is lifting the MCO gradually, slowly allowing more businesses to reopen. Though this move is seen as an "economic" one, I am really worried that it will undo all the hardwork that has been done to curb the spread of the infection. One can't help but wonder if this gradual lifting of MCO is a wise move? Nonetheless the following is the list of businesses that will be allowed to operate again granted that they receive approval from The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) first. Application will begin next Monday onward on the 13th of April 2020.

Business owners can apply for this permit online from MITI's official website.

9 Types of Businesses That Are Allowed to Open During this extended MCO
  1. Barbershops and hair salons (haircuts only).
  2. Laundry services (only full-service laundry shops allowed. Self-service laundry shops are NOT allowed).
  3. Social Health Services (registered Traditional & Complementary Medicine etc.
  4. Hardware stores, electrical & electronic shops and optometrists.
  5. Science, professional, technical services as well as R&D.
    1. Legal practices
    2. Oil & gas
    3. R&D related to Covid-19
  6. Construction projects and services related.
  7. Aerospace industry.
  8. Machinery & equipment industry
  9. Automotive industry
So construction will resume as well huh!

So there you have it a list of businesses that are allowed to operate during this extended MCO. Hopefully this will help some businesses to get some profit back. Then again I am not entirely sure if this measure is really good. Imagine dozens of people have lined up before you to get your haircut. Will your barber disinfect the seat and scissors each time after a customer got a haircut? This is what the barbers are supposed to do RIGHT? But...we will never know. So I still believe it is better to play it safe and stay at home. Less contact with other human beings means less chances of getting infected by Covid-19 virus. So stay safe at home and do not be a killer!

Getting a haircut...FINALLY?

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