Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

My family has been using our Russell Taylors Pressure Cooker for over a month now and I must say that it is one of the best kitchen gadgets that I have ever got for my wife. In fact I would boldly claim that an investment in a pressure cooker will pay great interest for you and your whole family. Based on my experience, our cooking experience has totally been elevated thanks to the advent of our 6-Litre Large Capacity Dual Pot Russell Taylors Pressure Cooker that we have bought for an unbelievably low price of RM220 (US$55). It is truly an investment that has paid handsome dividends indeed.

If you have not invested in a pressure cooker, then you are missing out a lot. Trust me~the moment you get yourself a pressure cooker, your life will truly be 'liberated' and you will enjoy cooking in the kitchen even more. In fact it will be so convenient that you cannot stop cooking and whipping out delicious meals for your family as it is so easy and virtually effortless. In other words, a pressure cooker is a must have kitchen gadget in this increasingly busy lives of ours. The following are the reasons why you should get a pressure cooker for yourself and your family especially your wife (you will get a lot of brownies points 😋).

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

1. A Pressure Cooker Retains More Nutrients
It is a fact that a pressure cooker can retain more of the nutrients of the food that we are cooking as the cooking time is significantly reduced. Other ways of cooking will take longer period of time and that means more nutrients will be lost and wasted. Since a pressure cooker can cook faster, it requires less liquid which allows most of the vitamins and minerals to be locked in, giving your food more nutritional values.

2. Food Will Be Tastier
Similar to the first benefit, since food will be cooked faster this means that they are less likely to reduce their flavour and colour. Food will be more succulent and juicier as less moisture will be lost.  It is also worth mentioning that a pressure cooker can make your food more aromatic and fragrant. In other words by using a pressure cooker, the food that you prepare will taste richer and more flavourful.

3. Saves Time In Preparation & Cooking
One of the best benefits of using a pressure cooker is that you can DRAMATICALLY REDUCE cooking time by up to 70%. It is undeniable that a lot of us are leading a hectic lifestyle and hence it is getting increasingly difficult to prepare nutritious meals for our family. But thanks to the handy pressure cooker, we can still cook hearty meals for our respective families despite arriving home late in the evening.

We can safely say that a pressure cooker is your very own personal "Chef" that can dish out delicious cuisines for you in no time. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients, throw everything into the pressure cook and choose the suitable preset and timing. Voila~your desired meals will be prepared in no time. For example, I have cooked Briyani Rice in less than 15 minutes only by using a pressure cooker. Hence it is obvious that a pressure cooker bring untold convenience!

4. Saves Energy (Electricity)
Contrary to popular beliefs, using a pressure cooker is actually more electricity-saving. This is because a pressure cooker can cook a potful of meal in a short period of time. Another reason why using a pressure cooker cuts down your energy bill is because you tend to prepare one-pot cooking recipes to prepare your meals for your family.

5. Less Cleaning For You
Those who love to cook will agree that cooking and eating is fun but not cleaning whatever that is left on the kitchen top and stove top. How about the oil, grease and hardened food residues that cling to you pots and cooking ware? With a well-secured lid, a pressure cooker can prevent any unwanted splashes, spillovers or spatters that come with your usual cooking methods. If you use a one-pot cooking recipe with your pressure cooker, then you will only have one pot to wash!

BONUS BENEFIT: Highly Portable & Can Be Used Anywhere
By now you will agree that a pressure cooker is very mobile and highly portable! You can bring you pressure cooker and use it not only in your kitchen. You can use it in your dining room, your living room or even in your bedroom right? Since it is highly portable you can also bring it back to your hometown to share with your other family members or with your friends in his or her place. Frankly speaking I don't mind bringing my 6-litre pressure cooker around the house just to prepare our meals.

There you have it folks, the top 5 benefits of using a pressure cooker. If you have yet to purchase a pressure cooker for yourself and your family, you will definitely need to; You will be enjoying your meals and cooking time even more. All you need to do is grasp the timing of cooking different meals (which can be easily obtained by using the Internet) and voila you will be a chef that can dish out any meal for your family. All in all, I highly encourage everyone gets themselves a pressure cooker as it is a must-have kitchen gadget for every family. I highly recommend that you get yourself a Russell Taylors 6L Dual-Pot Pressure Cooker which will only cost you RM220.


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