Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Huawei Sound X With Premium Eargasmic Audio Quality Launched

It is clear that Huawei's ultimate goal is to be everywhere in your life. After launching their highly anticipated P40 and the revolutionary foldable Mate Xs, the company has unveiled Huawei Sound X, which is their premium top-of-the-line speaker. The introduction of Sound X is a natural progression for all big tech companies with the ever increasing prevalence of IoT. Huawei claims that, "Sound X will revolutionize high-end acoustic technology with sonorous audio that leaves enduring, life altering impression on the listener." Wow! What a bold claim and I can't wait to experience it first hand.

Ready to bring your listening experience to the next level?

So apparently listening to music, news, songs and podcasts on Huawei Sound X will alter our life for the better. In other words, it is supposed to deliver eargasmic sound. Sound X is a collaboration between Devialet-a global audio company which produces products of High-Fidelity. Interestingly Sound X is not a smart speaker which means it is not supposed to be in the same league as Amazon Echo or Google Home. However Huawei mentions that this speaker of theirs does have several "smart" abilities.

Huawei Share

Huawei Sound X can connect seamlessly with your Huawei P40 to do many wonderful things. For example while you are playing a song on your smartphone, you can "transfer" the song just by gently tapping your P40 against the speaker and voila your favourite tunes will be played by Sound X instead. Of course you can always go old-school by skipping songs using its touch-sensitive buttons on top of the speaker. Together with EMUI 10.1, you can easily configure the settings of Sound X which enables it to emit lossless and low-latency sound. It is worthy to mention that it can immerse you in 360° of high quality sound thanks to its design.

 Delivering High Fidelity sound

 Visible subwoofer

Touch-sensitive buttons

Being a very compact speaker, Sound X can deliver equally good or better quality of sound compared to other bigger and bulkier speaker. It is also capable of blasting out 60W bass despite its relatively smaller built and footprint. The exterior design was inspired by the golden dome of the black, glazed surface hints at the robust sound that seems to emanate from a bottomless well. It reminds me of those villainous robots which usually appear our sci-fi movies-think Star Wars. Still, I must agree that it is sleek and elegant. I must admit that it is so beautifully designed that it is a must-have aesthetic addition to your living space or even room. For more information, visit Huawei Sound X.

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