Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Vivo NEX Dual Display Is Coming To Malaysia

Vivo NEX Dual Display

Behold: Vivo NEX with Dual Display (front & back) will be shipping into our Malaysian shores pretty soon. It is the successor of the highly popular Vivo NEX with pop up camera. So instead of sticking to the motorized camera mechanism, Vivo has opted something even better-dual display. That extra screen at the back will surely come in handy when you want to take selfie, no? Girls and social butterflies aiming for perfect shots will be yearning for this smartphone.

Vivo NEX Dual Display Purple Colour

Up front, you will be greeted by a huge 6.39-inch edge-to-edge Full HD+ display while the rare back display, which is comparatively smaller than the primary one is still considered huge at 5.49-inch. Besides boasting generous screen estate at the back, it the rear display pushes Full FD (1920x1080) with an aspect ration of 16:9, which is not bad at all for a secondary display. Both the front and back displays are Super AMOLED so your eyes can get to enjoy visually pleasing vivid colours. The primary front display flaunts 91.63% of screen to body ration.

Specs of Vivo NEX Dual Display
10GB of RAM is a lot...

Under the hood, NEX Dual Display is powered by Snapdragon 845 processor which is similar to its predecessor. The difference is in terms of RAM. Instead of getting "only" 8GB of RAM, this latest dual-screen magic runs on 10GB of RAM which is a lot if you ask me. As for space, you will have 128GB of internal storage which is...non expandable. This is really a bummer for tirgger happy shutterbugs.

Triple Cameras of Vivo NEX Dual Display

Triple Cameras of Vivo NEX Dual Display
The triple camera setup of Vivo NEX Dual Display

Doing away with the motorized camera means the latest reincarnation of NEX will not have a front-facing camera for your selfies. Instead, you will be relying on the rear cameras to snap all your photos. At the back, you will see the triple-camera system that is situated at the top horizontally. The main camera utilizes Sony's IMX363 sensor which boasts 4-axis OIS. The secondary shooter is a 2MP camera while the third TOF camera is used to sense 3D depth.

In Display Fingerprint Vivo NEX Dual Display
In-display fingerprint sensor and facial recognition

One very interesting addition that is integrated is the "Lunar Ring" in the rear display. This round element actually extends along the main cameras. It can be used as a soft light for you to snap your perfect selfies. Besides making your photos more Instagrammable, the Lunar Ring also doubles up as a notification light. It can illuminate in different hues based on your apps notifications which I think is brilliant!

Vivo NEX Dual Display Lunar Ring For Selfie
the 2-in-1 Lunar Ring

Just like its older sibling, you will have the luxury of using in-display sensor to unlock the phone. If you prefer to use your pretty face to unlock your device, you will have to flip to the back to use the cameras to do so, which is a bit less intuitive. Then again you can still straight away use the secondary-rear display right?

This latest wonder by Vivo is juiced by a 3,500mAh battery pack which is considered a bit small because now you will have to displays to drain your battery. Then again I am sure the power management of device would have been tweaked to ensure it is more efficient and long-lasting without the need to be plugged to the wall all the time. Are you excited to own this special smartphone. Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition will be available to all Malaysians on the 10th of January for a price tag of RM3,199.