Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Going Back To School 2019 [PICS]

Today is the day that millions of Malaysian children-students new and old alike dread as it is a new beginning for their "suffering". After almost one a half month of holidays, they now need to drag themselves out of their bed even before the sun could give a gentle smile. At daybreak, these students whose eyes could barely be opened are making their way to that awful place they call school. Are you one of the parents who have to send your kids to school?

Look at how happy they were this morning! :D

I am one of the lucky parents who need to wake up earlier than my kids to get them ready and whisk them to their learning. Thankfully both Jordan boy and Jasmine girl are actually very happy to be going to school again. In fact, both of them have been eagerly waiting to meet their friends and teachers. They can't wait to be playing, talking and eating with their buddies. Yupe~they do not have any holiday withdrawal syndrome at all.

Nothing beats going to school. :)

A few days before school reopened, both of them have actually started to pack their bags on their own. They sort out the books that they need to bring according to their timetable; Double check on their stationery, ensuring that everything they need is in their magic pencil case...ranging from glue, eraser, scissors and magic pens just to name a few. This goes to show that they really enjoy their time in school. Guess they are having a great childhood huh! :)

Both Jordan boy and Jasmine girl with their academic trophies and certificates for excelling in their studies. :)

Time really does fly and OMG~Jordan boy and Jasmine girl are in standard 3 and standard 2 respectively this year. It feels like only yesterday I was cradling them in my arms and now they are argumentative little brats whose common hobby appears to be quarreling with each other. Well...I hope both of them will pay attention in class and study diligently just like what they had done last year during your examination weeks. There should always be playtime and of course studying time as well. Enjoy going to school ok the both of you! :)

Must continue to work hard and of course play hard as well. :D