Saturday, October 6, 2018

5 Signs That You Are Addicted To Mobile Gaming

The Devil sends his wickedest little devil-procrastination to earth to unleash hell by misleading people not work hard enough to accomplish what they need to complete. It appears that procrastination is having some difficulty dissuading people from misplacing their priorities. Hence addiction is sent to reinforce the mission to corrupt us. It is not just any addiction we are talking about; more specifically it is mobile game addiction!

It is addiction of course...

With more and more people being able to afford at least one smartphone, it makes complete wicked sense to infiltrate us through mobile phones no? Billions of people worldwide are being connected to each other via apps worldwide which include the ever prevalent mobile gaming apps. So far it seems that their evil plan is working like charm and more and more people are reportedly getting hooked to the virtual world, where they can crush candies and gang up with their virtual friends to kill their enemies.

Looks familiar?

Worse comes to worst, to those people who are addicted to mobile gaming, this addiction is not something bad for them compared to the more debilitating drug addiction. In fact, mobile game addicts believe that gaming is a way for them to relax and unwind, without hurting anyone around them like smoking! To them, mobile gaming is totally acceptable and it will never be able to dictate their lives just like how drugs can manipulate the addicts. Then again I beg to differ. Here are 5 warning signs which show that you are seriously addicted to mobile gaming:

1-Life Dictated By Mobile Games:
If you are constantly checking your game, collecting rewards and upgrading buildings almost every single hour, most probably your life has been dictated by the very game(s) you are playing. In fact the game itself has dominated most of your waking hours.

2-Ecstatic Feeling:
If you derive a lot of pleasure from mobile gaming, so much so that you feel it is giving you that euphoric sensation and easing all your pain, frustration and stress...most probably it is addiction.

Do you feel irritated, anxious, restless or disconnected when your mobile game playing session is reduced or stopped? It is obvious that you are suffering from the withdrawal effects.

4-Conflicts With Others & Yourself:
Spending too much time on mobile gaming will result in conflicts with those around you especially your family members. Altercations might occur as those who care for you cannot accept your misplaced priorities. Moreover you might even be "quarreling" with yourself. It's like you have developed bipolar disorder: one part of you know that this addiction is getting worse while the other half insists that it is perfectly fine to relax. BAM!

5-Relapsing Cravings:
Sometimes when you have finally got rid of your addiction-by uninstalling the game, you will still end up reinstalling the game as you cannot control your craving to be gratified by your mobile gaming. Such relapse shows how serious the addiction has become.

It is time to stop...

So are you are a mobile game addict? If you check one of these boxes, you can already consider yourself as an addict to the virtual playground which has shackled both your hands, manipulating you in a way that you do not even know. It is time for us to snap out of this trap set by the mobile gaming industry before it is too late. In fact we can use digital wellness device such as Audra to help control our addiction. It is time to complete "uninstall" the games!

P.S.: Yours truly me is guilty of checking all the boxes above and that makes me a mobile game addict! :(