Sunday, October 7, 2018

When You Forgive-You Set Yourself Free

Should you want to move forward fast and far, to travel light and easily...then you have to be the first one to forgive. We really need to learn to unpack all our baggage of bitterness, envy, rage, fear and resentment before all these negative emotions drag us down. In fact we should never reject the opportunity to forgive as it is a fortitude which belongs only to those who are strong. Having said so, weaklings usually will banish any sight of forgiveness as their cowardice contaminates their nature.

Have you ever tried driving your car without letting go of your hand brake? I am sure you will agree that you are actually dragging the car instead of driving it right? That's exactly what a life of unforgiveness feels like. It will cause you to slow down, losing your momentum and eventually it will drag you down. By not forgiving, you are actually cultivating a deep-seated grudge which is sipping away your peace of mind like a deadly cancer. In other words, when you don't forgive you are actually wielding a double-edged sword which is also hurting you at the same time. Needless to say, it is utterly pathetic to harbour a hateful grudge for many years at your very own expense.

Revenge will eventually manifest itself when you cannot forgive. It looks so sweet on the outside, but we all know that vengeance is cunningly deceptive in nature and its aftertaste is definitely bitter. Remember that the quest to seek revenge will always cost you more than to bear it. You can never win by trying to even the score and the vicious cycle will continue with more and more innocent people at risk of being at the receiving ends of this otherwise preventable catastrophe.

There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.
~Josg Billings~

Forgiveness is never easy but it will be one's highest achievement. When forgiveness is absent, our life will be dictated by endless cycles of retaliation and animosity which pathetically exhaust us of our energy and time. Think about it: forgiveness is actually the key to our personal peace as it releases us from the shackles of hatred which imprisons us. In fact, if we want to live and long and fruitful life, we need to start forgiving those who don't deserve our grace. Peter Von Winter said it best, "It is manlike to punish, but Godlike to forgive."

Richard Nixon mentioned, "Those who hate you don't win UNLESS you hate them, and then you destroy yourself." It is time for us release the parking brake which is inhibiting our life; It is time to release the past and claim our future. Of course forgiveness can never ever change the past, but it does brightens our future. Do not burn bridges as you will be shocked to know how many times you actually have to cross over that same river. It is time to forgive and live your life. :)