Tuesday, October 9, 2018

1Gbps Time Fibre Broadband For Only RM199-Cheapest & Fastest Internet In Malaysia

Time has just upped the ante in Malaysia's broadband's competition by offering super fast fibre optic broadband at affordable prices. So for only RM199, you can get to enjoy 1Gbps of Internet speed which is 10X faster than what Unifi is offering. Such competitive pricing is god for the consumers and it proves that a company can still earn profile while offering high quality products and services without relaying the cost to the customers.

Cheapest 100Mbps fibre broadband in Malaysia

In line with their more affordable pricing strategy, Time is also offering the cheapest 100Mbps Internet broadband plan in Malaysia which costs only RM99 per month. This is definitely a boon for those who are looking to spend less on Internet subscription fee. With the newly revamped broadband plans, Time is offering 500Mbps of fibre broadband for only Rm139 per month and their fastest is the aforementioned 1Gbps at RM199 monthly.

Just by paying RM139, you can already enjoy 500Mbps of ultra-fast Internet

All the three packages come with 24 months contract which I honestly feel is truly fair, given how affordable the plans are in the first place. On top of that, you will even get RM100 rebate if you  sign up online. Should you wish to opt for the shorter 12-month contract instead, you will need to fork out a one-time charge of RM300 and you will not get to enjoy the RM100 rebate as well. Hence it makes perfect sense to choose the 2 years contract tenure.

When it comes to speed, Time fibre broadband are symmetrical for both its 100Mbps and 500Mbps plans which means both download and upload speed will be the same. However, for the 1Gbps plan your upload speed will be halved at 500Mbps instead which is still unbelievably fast! Of course the quota for all the Time's fibre Broadband plans (100Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps) is UNLIMITED! Yes, unlimited quota for all the broadband plans rolled out by Time regardless of you package and price you are paying. So no discrimination or pressure to sign up more expensive packages. *hint hint*

Do you still need to call?

If you need to make any phone calls, by default you will be charged at 10 cents per minute on a pay per use basis. By adding RM2.50 per month, you can enjoy Voice Home Lite which comes with 30 minutes of free calls while Voice Home Max comes with 300 minutes. All the add-ons come with 1 free complementary DECT phone and of course a 24-month contract as well. Then again I doubt most of us will actually be making a lot of phone calls these days.

It's TIME to enjoy your Internet.

Existing customers of Time can rejoice as they will automatically be upgraded to the new broadband plans for free (of course). Existing 100Mbps customers will be upgraded to 500Mbps, while the existing 300Mbps and 500Mbps customers will have their respective broadband plans upgraded to the fastest 1Gbps fibre broadband plan for free. As it stands for now, Time is offering the cheapest and faster fibre Internet Broadband plans in Malaysia. How I wish that I can actually enjoy their Internet plan as well. Too bad, coverage is kinda limited right now for a lot of people outside of KL. I hope Time will expedite their coverage for other Malaysians to enjoy "cheap" Internet connectivity.