Friday, July 13, 2018

Unifi Turbo 10X Speed Upgrade & Unifi Basic Are SCAMS?

After we had been promised by our new Minister of Communication and Multimedia-Gobind Singh Deo, that they will double the existing Internet speed while reducing the subscription fees by 50% back in June 2018...many were skeptical (including me) but we were hopeful. Today's announcement of Unifi Turbo and Unifi Basic by TM has validated our belief that the main broadband provider only wants profits while disregarding the needs of Malaysians? Are you disappointed? I am and I hope it is temporary.

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"NEW" Unifi Turbo Plan
This so-called new Unifi Turbo Plan is merely a 10x upgrade of speed for your existing broadband plan without any price increment. So let's say my current existing Unifi plan is 50Mbps, it will be upgraded to 500Mbps with the same subscription fee (RM179) and unlimited quota. Do note that most of the existing modems DO NOT SUPPORT SPEED MORE THAN 100MBPS, and we also need to understand very, very clearly that some areas cannot even support speed of more than 100Mbps as well. So what does this mean? Sounds like a scam and we are being treated like fools here? I certainly hope that I am wrong.

How your existing Unifi Plans Will Be Upgraded To Turbo Plan:
  • >20Mbps will be upgraded to 100Mbps
  • 30Mbps will be upgraded to 300Mbps
  • 50Mbps will be upgraded to 500Mbps
  • 100Mbps will be upgraded to 800Mbps (not 1,000Mbps?)

On second thought do you think you will need 500Mbps of connection?  I definitely do not. In other words, this new Unifi Turbo Plan with 10x speed is more like a misleading plan to ensure that you stick to the current price package so that it will not affect TM's profit. Existing Unifi subscribers will be able to "enjoy" this 10 times speed upgrades starting 15 of August 2018 in phases.

By the way, TM announced that this Turbo Plan will not tie you down to a new contract unless (the catch) a new modem or any other hardware is required to support the upgraded speeds. I really hope those of us who do not need too much speed can be allowed to downgrade our existing Unifi plan, making our broadband plan really affordable, in line with the implementation of Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP).

Unifi Basic Plan With ONLY 60GB of Quota
For those who want to "enjoy" Unifi Basic Plan which offers a speed of 30Mbps for only RM79 per month need to first prove that you are relatively poor. Yupe! This so-called affordable Unifi Basic Plan is only reserved for households with a combined income of less than RM4,500 per month. So there will be income verification to prove that you are "poor" enough to subscribe to this plan.

Here comes the catch which is really an insult if you ask me. By paying RM79, you cannot enjoy unlimited quota...instead you only have 60GB at your disposal which I believe is really ridiculous as a lot of media are in HD format already these days. So what does this prove? Is TM discriminating the "poor", striping them the freedom to use unlimited Internet? 

I can't help but feel that this so-called Basic Plan is being introduced for the sake of fulfilling the MSAP and the directive of the Communication and Multimedia Ministry only. At the end of the day, the "poor" will be "FORCED" to subscribe to the more expensive Unifi plan with unlimited quota. Think about it why would TM want to limit the quota when they can actually reduce the speed to let's say to 10Mbps or 20Mbps? Isn't it obvious? TM just wants to make more money from oblivious Malaysians. Very sneaky TM! Very sneaky!

P.S.: I really hope that my questions and doubts can be proven wrong by TM. Let us wait and look at our new Unifi plans. Period.