Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Wickedest Devil In You: Procrastination

Once upon a time, the Devil decided to destroy the world. He summoned all his little devils to make the wicked plans. Anger came first and asked to be allowed to do the job by setting brother against brother. It would make people filled with rage and be angry with one another, and they would destroy themselves in the end. Then Lust came and offered to carry out the mission. Lust claimed that it would defile minds, turn people into beasts by causing love to disappear.

Still tomorrow?

Next, Greed stepped in and spoke. Greed offered to destroy humankind with the most destructive, malice passions: uncontrolled desires. Gluttony and Drunknness offered to disease the bodies and minds and then destroy them. Idleness, Hatred, and Envy each claimed that they could do the job. All the devils were so eager to rip mankind apart with their own different ways. However none of their evil plans managed to convince the Devil!

The Devil was obviously not satisfied with any of them, but then the last assistant came. He said, "I will talk with people persuasively in terms of all that God wants them to be. I will tell them how fine their plans are to be honest, clean, and brave. I will encourage them in the good purposes of life!" The Devil was aghast at such talk. However the assistant immediately continued, "But I will tell them there is no hurry. They can do all of these things tomorrow. I will advise them to wait until conditions become more favourable before they start.

The Devil immediately replied, "You are the one who shall go to earth to destroy humankind!" The assistant nodded and immediately ascended to earth to carry out its tasks. Do you know what is its name? Its name is Procrastination. Failure's most successful strategy is procrastination. Now is the best time to be alive and productive. If you want to make an easy job seem difficult, just keep putting off doing it. So are you able to tame this wickedest Devil in you? I know I have a pretty hard time trying to subdue it...

We're all fugitives, and the things we didn't do yesterday are the bloodhounds.