Thursday, August 2, 2018

Caught Bumblebee & Iron Man In Malacca [PICS]

What are the chances of meeting not one but two different superheroes from different realms? Close to none right? That was exactly what had happened to us the other day when we were in front of Hard Rock Cafe in Malacca. We saw Bumblebee and Iron Man were hanging out together, most probably after having a scrumptious dinner. Of course we would not miss the opportunity to snap some photos with them. :)

Jordan and Jasmine getting to know Bumblebee and Iron Man

I guess Bee might have dropped by to promote his latest movie which will be released later this year. As for Tony Stark...I reckon he had enough of Thanos and decided to take a break, somewhere off the beat in a place like Malacca of course. It was a great sight to behold, seeing the two of them side by side. Jordan boy and Jasmine girl were of course very puzzled, not being able to really tell whether what they saw were real or not.

Obviously Jasmine really loves Iron Man. Ha :D 

 Jordan boy on the other hand...needed more time.

Finally  right, Bumblebee? :p

Both of them are ecstatic to pose with them.

Of course daddy and mommy knew that our superheroes were actually poor souls being stuffed inside their cosplay costumes. I hope they were fitted with air-conditioned. Otherwise it would have been a sauna-session in there. The lighting were really cool though and I must say that both Iron Man and Bee were very patient with our little ones as they were a bit terrified in the beginning. Nonetheless, Jordan and Jasmine were really thrilled to have met both the iconic Bumblebee and Iron Man in flesh. :)

Bye bye Iron Man and Bee. :)