Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Titan Hands Bridge In Vietnam [PICS]

If you have read the manga Attack on Titan, you will know how colossal their hands are right? In one part of the manga, nemerous gigantic titans which morphed from humans were used to build walls to keep out the other flesh-eating mindless titans. Now...somewhere in Vietnam, there appears to be a pair of Titan hands *gasp* emerging from the verdant mountains of Vietnam. The two enormous hands seem to be lifting a glittering bridge towards the sky.

Holding the golden bridge.

The seemingly holy clinquant bridge was called Cau Vang (gold bridge) and it had just been opened to the public near Da Nang. Dangled around 4,600 feet above sea level, the golden bridge spans 500 feet long being supported by the two monstrous hands. Interestingly the pair of enormous hands look as if they have been there for hundreds of years, complete with weathered cracks and moss to appear like ancient relics.

Feel like you are in heaven right?

Being part of a US$2 billion project, Cau Vang bridge sits atop of the Thien Thai gardens at the Bà Nà Hills Resort which was initially inaugurated  in 1919 by French colonists with around 200 villas. At present the famous area houses popular attractions such as an alpine roller coaster and the longest nonstop, single-track cable car that will thrill.

 Enjoy the beautiful lavenders which are lining the bridge

HAND-led with care.
Imagine if one day the supposedly "suppressed" titan suddenly burst out of the very hill which had imprisoned it and started to unleash hell upon humanity. It then proceeded by liberating the other titans which were trapped underneath the nearby mountains and terrains. Bam...that will be the end of humanity and my fertile imagination. Bahahaha :D Ok! Let's snap back to reality, shall we? Cau Vang bridge is indeed one of the main tourist attractions in Vietnam right now. Who doesn't one to be on top of a Titan, no?