Thursday, August 2, 2018

Waterlily Turbine Charges Your Smartphones With Water & Wind

Those who love the outdoors will know the importance of off-the-grid renewable power sources such as the durable solar charger to help us juice our smartphones so that we can stay in the wild longer while being connected to the civilizations. Then again Mr. Sun is not around all the time, no? Introducing Waterlily Turbine that can charge even when you are asleep. Yupe! This innovative Waterlily Turbine can generate electricity from both water and wind, which means you can set it up and leave it.

Tipping the scale at only 1.8 pounds (0.82 kilogram), Waterlily Turbine's is so featherweight that you will not even notice its presence when you are carrying it around. So once you have pitched you tent and are about to wander around in the wild, all you need to do is to place the turbine in a running water...say a stream or brook to charge your smartphone or other gadgets. A cable will anchor the floating turbine, allowing it to spin  in the current and harnesses electricity that you can use later.

You can just leave it to spin in the water.

What if there is no water nearby? Well...not to worry as Waterlily Turbine can actually double up as a wind turbine to generate electricity for you. So all you need to do is to set it up facing the direction where the wind is blowing. You can hang it to a tree or maybe set up a tripod-like frame to hold the turbine in place as it spins to generate the juice that you need.

Use the wind to harness your electricity.

OK! What if worse comes to worst? Meaning there is no wind or water at all, *gasp* and you need to make a really urgent, emergency call to get medical help? Fret not as Waterlily Turbine comes with an optional hand crank that you can use to help generate emergency electricity. 10 minutes of spinning will get you around 6 minutes of talk time which will be sufficient to save your life or those around you.

5 Reasons To Buy Waterlily Turbine Charger

1-Weatherproof Charger
Waterlily Turbine is designed to be hardy and long-lasting in the wilderness be it rain or shine and even snow. It is you unrelenting off-the-grid charger.

2-Charge 24/7 (Even when you zzzZZZ)
That's right! You do not need to have sunlight to harvest energy to juice your smartphone or gadgets. With Waterlily, you can charge at any time of the day. Set it up overnight and the next morning your smartphone will be ready for your next adventure.

3-Lightweight + Durable
The designers have meticulously crafted Waterlily Turbine to be your perfect adventure companion thanks to its small size. Then again this lightweight charger is durable and can withstand any bruises or knocks that you throw at it.

4-Direct Charging
Once you plug it in, the turbine charges your devices or smartphone directly not to an internal battery bank first. In other words, you can juice up your gadgets 50% faster.

5-Failsafe Hand Crank
Like what I have mentioned earlier, what if there is really no wind or water and you really need electricity? That's why Waterlily Turbine can be complemented with the failsafe hand crank that can give you the energy that you need. A really worthy investment if you ask me.

When all else fails...use the hand crank.

Honestly, yours truly me really think that this Waterlily Turbine is really an ingenious creation that will serve us well especially those who love the outdoors. OK...besides for your camping needs, I believe that Waterlily Turbine will also be super useful when we face natural disasters such as a massive flood, hurricane or even a ZOMBIE outbreak. I am not joking. For only US$199.99, you can save yourself and your loved ones. Think about it. Get yourself a Waterlily Turbine now.