Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jordan's 8th Birthday Celebration

Vermicelli and egg-Prepared by mommy dearest.

Time really does a blink of an eye my big baby boy has turned 8. For those who have known me since my early blogging years...I am sure you will feel old right now. Ha :D In fact I feel old too, but in a good way at least. So earlier this month, we celebrated little Jordan's 8th birthday at home (as usual) with food galore, cake and a present.

You are one yearolder now. Jordan boy. :)

We try to make it a habit to celebrate our birthdays at home instead of going out all the time. Since it was a schooling day, the celebration and feast took place in the evening. After rushing back from work, my wifey immediately headed to the kitchen to cook something for Jordan boy. She dished out the customary bowl of vermicelli with egg, a drumstick, chicken roll and some soya sauce chicken chunks for Jordan boy. According to tradition, vermicelli and egg are prepared for birthday to signify good health and longevity. :)

 We must have sataaaaaaay!

Ketupat, cucumber and onions are must have to be eaten with satay! :) 

 Crunchy, juicy nuggets!


Besides wifey's home-cooked meal, I also bought nuggets and Happy Meals from McDonalds for my birthday boy as he loves those crunchy and yet succulent nuggets. Ouh we also got satays as they are our Malaysians' favourite food. Jordan boy was more than happy with his birthday party being held at home as I have always told him (and his sister) that birthday is about your mother's struggle, suffering and sacrifice to bring you to this world. Yupe! To me birthday is never about you, is about your beloved mom. :)

Ready to be served! 

Make a wish Jordan boy. :)

Put out the fire on your cake!

With your mother who brought you to this world.

After stuffing our tummies with all those yummies (hey~it rhymes) we took a breather. Gotta take a break so that we can eat even more later. So after allowing our digestive system to do its work, all the lights are suddenly switched off *gasp* and slowly a ray of light pierced through the pitch black darkness. Yours truly me walked into the living room with the *ta~da* birthday cake in my hands. Jordan was beaming with his eyes wide open.

Just look at him happily smiling while tearing apart those newspaper. 

His smile says it all.

After licking his plate of chocolate cake, I told Jordan boy that his present would be the Jurassic World T-Rex that I had bought for him earlier; which he nonchalantly said OK. Bahaha Of course I couldn't do that to him. Every kid needs to have a birthday gift. So my wife and I presented him with what he has been wanting to have-a remote-controlled car. Look at his expression when he unwrapped his box of surprise. That happy smile on his face is priceless. :)