Friday, July 27, 2018

Colour Pencil Nails For Your Fingers

Want to pimp your fingernails with something very unusual and yet colourful instead of the boring manicure that you are getting? Enter colour pencil manicure that you can actually use for your arts class. This amazing, functional manicure is actually created by a Russian Nail Artist behind the Instagram account @nail_sunny. Now you will never need to bring your box of colour pencils to school anymore. LOL :D

Colour pencil nails: Now you do not need to bring colour pencils to school anymore.

I am totally shocked with her wacky idea to stick colour pencils onto your nails. 4 beautifully done-up fingers that will certainly be a crowd-puller. Talking about making a good first impression. The blue, red, yellow and green pencils can be used to colour or draw whatever you want. So we are looking at functional manicure here girls.

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Want to know how to make your very own colour pencil nails? Fret not as @nail_sunny has been generous enough to actually share in a time-lapse video on how you can make your own colourful pencil nails. She painted the acrylic tips to make them look like colour pencils. Then the nib or core of the colour pencils are attached to the back of each nail. It looks like a bit time-consuming to me. But hey~no "pain" no gain right? :)