Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Little Jasmine

Almost 2 weeks ago yours truly me, was MIA because I was waiting for my wife and daughter. I was waiting for the both of them to come back home. It was not an easy wait at all, starting with my wife's 8 hours of excruciating pain in the labor room. Then both of us have to wait for our baby girl who had to be tested again and again for jaundice. Imagine her little hands had to be poked with a huge needle to extract her blood for examination TWICE a day. Then she had to be exposed under the special bluish lamps for photo-therapy. Haih~a baby who is only a few days' old had to suffer so much. :(

Shhhh...little Jasmine is asleep.

I am glad that she is back at home right now, where we can give her our tender, loving care. Aww...after being protected by her mommy for 39 weeks and 4 days, I can finally see my baby Jasmine. Yes. Our daughter's name is Jasmine. My wife and I decided to call her Jasmine the moment we knew she is a girl. Ha :D Actually we had thought about this name long before my wife had conceived baby Jasmine. So you can say that we were expecting her since a long, long time ago. Right now...I still can't believe that you are right in front of me~my little Jasmine. :)

Our little Jasmine girl :D

She is smiling in her dream. :)

Daddy and mommy want you to grow up to be a kind, courageous girl. Just like you name, Jasmine, which refers to a beautiful, delicate climbing plant...daddy and mommy hope that you will never give up in whatever you do and keep on rising. Daddy and mommy will always be there for you, giving you our unconditionally love and devotion. You and your Jordan are our world. Right now...daddy just can't take my eyes off you. You are so charmingly beautiful~just like your mommy. You are a gift from God that daddy and mommy will always cherish. Muack~:-X

Daddy and mommy will always love you~o~Jasmine. :D

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