Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Was Waiting For My Wife & My Daughter

Still remember last Friday, I said that there would be no blog posts and even lesser social updates from me those few days due to foreseeable, expected circumstances? I also mentioned quite a number of time that I was waiting...and waiting...and waiting...I am darn sure you are waiting to know what was happening in my life and why I kept on waiting right? Well...I am glad to say that my wait is finally over. I am sure you are wondering who was I waiting for all this while right? Read on...

First thing first, have you ever wondered what were the foreseeable, expected circumstances that I was talking about? "Foreseeable" means that I know that day would come. "Expected" also carries the same indication as the former and it showed that I was expecting to meet those fateful days. Can you guess what I had actually foreseen for months? Can you tell what I was expecting with both arms wide open albeit being terribly anxious? clue...I was waiting for 2 of the most important persons in my life to come back home with me...

I was waiting for both of them...
My beloved wife and my darling daughter. :)

P.S.: Now that you know I have another gorgeous lady in my life. Can you guess what is my daughter's name? :p

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