Thursday, November 10, 2011

RM180 Wrapsol Screen Protector For iPad 2

Now you have known who is the real owner of "my" iPad 2 right? Since iPad 2 is a multi-touch tablet which will be "touched" again and again, it is very important for the huge screen to be protected from day one. Me, my father, my wife and even my baby Jordan will be playing with this iPad 2 a lot, hence it is vital to have protection before it is too late. That's why I have invested quite dearly in a screen protector that can make the screen of my iPad 2 invulnerable. I don't want to protect the screen only after there are scratches on it. :/

The strongest screen protector film?

So off we went to the Challenger store in Mahkota Parade. The moment we stepped into the shop, we were asked by the sales consultant what we wanted. "iPad 2 screen protector," I answered and he straight away led me to a section of the shop where there are dozens of screen protector for tablets. I asked him to recommend me a good screen protector for iPad 2. He browsed through the dozens of screen protector, grabbed one and handed to me. He said it was the best screen protector for iPad 2 and it cost a whopping RM180! So do you think I am going to be that stupid, forking RM180 to buy a thin sheet of "plastic"? Of course...I bought it. LOL



I would be even more stupid if I don't buy the best to protect the such "fragile" iPad. So I bought the Wrapsol Screen Protector to insulate the screen of my iPad. The company claimed that it is the STRONGEST screen protector film in the world for iPad 2. Wrapsol said that it can protect your screen not only from scratches but  also from impact on it. Wow...a rather bold claim aye. Besides that there will be no air bubbles at all when you "apply" it to your screen, this I can assure you. Best of all this Wrapsol Screen Protector for iPad comes with lifetime warranty. So I think it is worth my RM180.

Is the screen of your iPad protected?