Monday, November 21, 2011

8 Hours Of Excruciating Pain In The Labor Room

Now that you know I was waiting for both my wife and my newborn daughter...let us rewind a bit about what really happened until I had no time to blog nor update my twitter and Facebook. Actually it was because yours. truly me, was too anxious...or should I on to find out why...

Since last Friday morning, my wife has been experiencing pain. It was 3a.m. to be precise. She couldn't sleep because she started to feel pain on her lower pelvis. Imagine you have to wake up in the middle of the night and could not shut your eyes as you feel constant, nagging pain "in" your backside. That was exactly what my wife was feeling. I only learnt about this when I woke up the next morning. In other words she had been awake and was looking at me and our baby boy for hours? Poor thing. :'(

The pain still persisted and my wife insisted that she wanted to go to work, which I disagreed. To my dismay, she did go to work. Concentration was truly lacking for me on that Friday morning as my mind was full of my wife. I knew my wife was going to deliver soon as her due date was "looming". To be honest...I was really afraid to enter the labour room with my wife even though it was going to be my second time. Then again I couldn't help but feel terrified as I didn't want to see my wife in so much pain. I knew I could do nothing to ease her pain. :'(

Suddenly around 10:30a.m., I received a call from my wife's colleague, informing me that she was going to deliver. Immediately I stormed out from the office and hopped onto my Black Horsy. Off I rattled to my wife's company. The moment I arrived my wife told me that her contraction was getting more and more frequent. Obviously that was a clear sign of labour, hence I must hurry up. I left my Black Horsy at my wife's company and drove her car to the hospital. The whole journey was really unnerving with 6 traffic lights slowing us down....

Finally...after half an hour we arrived at our destination-hospital. I rushed my wife to the labour room and I was later instructed to handle my wife's registration documentation as the nurses attended to her. I got to my wife's side again as soon as I was done with the registration. My wife told me that the doctor said she was not ready to deliver yet. So she had to be admitted into the ward and wait...wait for the right time to deliver. It was  Friday evening was 11th of November would it be on that day?

This time around I was prepared, or so I thought. Knowing that I would be by my wife's side in the labor room again, I made sure that I was wearing my jeans instead of my three-quarter pants. No sandals this time around. My running shoes will keep me warm and on my toes. The last time when I was in the labor room with my wife...I shivered so terribly due to the extreme cold. I even bought a few Red Bulls to keep me energised and more importantly awake in the labor room later. So I was ready!

I was waiting outside her ward when my wife rang me. Around 10:30p.m. my wife called me and told me that she was ready to be pushed into the labor room. My heart started to pound so furiously...I was prepared but made me nervous. Both my feet were trembling vigorously as I inched closer and closer to the room where my wife was awaiting me. Heck~I thought I was wearing long jeans? It was labor room number 5. I stepped inside and saw my wife was in a lot of pain. Immediately I was not nervous anymore. I knew I had to keep my composure to encourage my wife.

It was around 10:45p.m. when I stood beside my wife. I grabbed her hand and looked at her. She was in agonizing pain and she told me that the contractions were hurting her a lot. Imagine that she had to be naked from cold was that now? Then there was this CTG (Cardiotocography) device being strapped onto her tummy to check our baby's heartbeat. How uncomfortable and painful right? My wife had to endure so much pain, hence there was no way I would let her down.

It was almost 12 midnight then and my baby's head was nowhere to be seen. The contractions kept on getting more and more frequent and of course...MORE PAINFUL. My wife is strong woman. Despite suffering such excruciating pain, she still put up a brave face, looking at me. All I could do...was be by her side and encouraged her. The clock kept on ticking and without us knowing it, Saturday had shown itself. My wife kept on pushing and pushing, trying her very, very best to push our baby girl out...the contractions were getting more and more painful as well. But still our baby couldn't be delivered...

Doctors and nurses who were on duty kept on coming in and out to check on my wife. They were there to ensure that everything was alright. But it was not alright at wife was in a lot of pain and her face had shown how painful it was. Something was clearly amiss. Why our baby still couldn't be delivered? I glanced at the was already 2a.m. I looked at my poor wife who kept on trying to push our baby out while enduring  the painful contractions. I looked into her eyes and reaffirmed her that everything would be alright. Deep down inside...I was really, really scared. I kept on praying to God to protect both my wife and my baby. I was terrified! :(

2 painful hours had gone. It was 4a.m. then and my wife was still struggling with the pain while trying to push our baby girl out. By then I could see my wife was already too tired...she was exhausted to say the least...she was totally drained after trying for more than 5 hours. My wife's effort was in vain...and the pain had sapped out a lot of her stamina. My wife then told the doctor that she wanted to go for Caesarean as she was too tired already. Guess what the doctor said? "You had come this far. Why don't you keep on trying until 6.00a.m.?" And to my wife agreed. :'(

So my wife tried and labored with all her might to deliver our baby girl. 6a.m. had arrived and the doctor probed my wife again to see if she could deliver our baby naturally or not. Our baby's head was still very deep inside and it was impossible for the doctors and nurses to help my tired wife. So my wife had to go under the knife to bring our baby girl out. It would be a rather risky operation as our baby's head was already low-lying...hence complications might happen. Of course we didn't want this to happen but it was our final resort.

I penned down my name heavily to give my consent for the Caesarean operation to take place. Then my wife who was still in a lot of pain was wheeled out from the labor room in a gurney. I held her hands firmly and accompanied my wife to the operation theater. I was very afraid...very, very afraid. Each step that I planted onto the ground as I walked my wife to the operation theater was if my feet were shackled. I didn't expect it to be this hard. I never thought that my wife needed to suffer so much to bring our baby to this world...

Honestly I really regretted that I wanted to have another baby...not when my wife's life was clinging on thin, breaking ice. 8 hours of pain in the labor room and now she had to be operated? All I could do was...nothing. I cried when my wife was pushed into the operation room. I broke down for being so helpless. At that very moment I hated myself so much. Then I grabbed my Goddess of Mercy amulet and prayed to her. I asked for her divine intervention...I kept on chanting...

Around 7:30a.m., I saw my baby girl being pushed out from the operation theater. I was really happy to see her. But then I was still worried about my wife...I continued to pray and pray until I saw my wife being wheeled out. My wife was all smile and she asked me, "Did you see our daughter?" My wife was so happy that our baby girl was safe that she totally forgot about all her pain. Such is her sacrifice and undying devotion for both me and our babies. I really, really love my one and only wife.

My beautiful wife and my daughter. :)

I told my wife that I don't want to have another baby in the future as we already have 2 beautiful babies in our lives right now. There is no way I am going to allow my wife to endure all those sufferings anymore. I am not going to risk my wife's life again...not anymore. Hereby I wanna thank my wife who have sacrificed herself time and again for me. All I want to say my wife is..."I will love you, and only you alone truly, madly, deeply...I do." You are my are my life...

P.S.: Can you tell what is my daughter's name? Made you guesses? Like her elder brother, Jordan, my daughter's name also starts with "J". :)