Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jay Chou's Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) FREE Download Included

Asian Heavenly King-Jay Chou, has released his latest album-Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) on the 11th of November 2011. Have you downloaded his songs? :p Exclamation Mark which has 11 amazing songs is quite a special album for Jay Chou as it is his 11th Album. The launching date make it even more special: 11-11-11-11-11 (11th Album with 11 songs, released on the 11th of November, 2011). Ha :D Now that 10 days have gone, I am sure most of you (fans) have downloaded all 11 songs and are happily listening to them right? Yours, truly me, have just received my "copy" of Exclamation Mark a few days ago.

Jay Chou's Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號)

I can't believe that Exclamation Mark is Jay Chou's 11th Album! I mean...I started listening to his songs when I was like 15 and now 11 years later, he is still in his element year in year out, singing his heart and lungs out for all of us. Like all Jay Chou's other albums and songs, I just love each and every single song in his Exclamation Mark. I am not sure why...but he has time and again, proved to us that he can really be an amazingly great singer. I mean...everything about these new 11 songs are so beautifully written, arranged and sung!

Cool! This is the poster for the first single which is Exclamation Mark!

Right off his album, Jay's first single Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) sounds a bit like a computer game track with the evacuation siren blaring at the back. Ha :D It is one very adventurous song from Jay but I thought he pulled the trigger quite well. Next up is Enchanting Melody (迷魂曲) which is fine-tuned for those who like to party in the club. It is not only sleek and sexy, it will even get you feet tapping. The third track Mine Mine is so sweetly composed. I love how smooth and light the whole song is. Not to mention it sounds really innocent. Talking about the fourth track-Princess Syndrome (公主病), your feet will be swept off the ground by the cute little girl. Ha :D

Exclamation Mark MTV. Haha :D Not too bad.

How Are You (你好嗎) is a ballad fitting for those who have just broken up...touching and quite sentimental. Make sure you have boxes of tissues by your side while playing this song. The title of the 6th song in this album is rather funny-Healing Dumplings (療傷燒肉粽). Then again I am amazed at how melodious Jay can make this foodie song sounds! So delicious! Sadness of The Piano (琴傷) sounds a bit creepy with Jay Chou showcasing his piano-playing skills. I REALLY, REALLY love how this song is arranged! It is so darn soulfully "scary". I actually had a few goosebumps. Yikes!

How come Jay Chou was not in his sailor outfit?

The next song really reminds me of a cartoon...The Hydrophobic Sailor (水手怕水) sounds very cheeky and a tad playful. It seems like Jay Chou can really enjoy his singing by fooling around huh! He even beat-boxed in this song! :p It's Not The End of The World (世界未末日) is like a song that we usually listen after watching a disaster movie. It does makes me feel that there is still hope left for us. :p Moving on we have Shadow Puppetry (皮影戲) which is really an enigma. The background music is catchy and I enjoy the part where the "fake sound" is used. :p Last but not least we have the Goddess of Race which is the 11th song. How is it? Sweet and simple.

The Hydrophobic Sailor MTV. Cheeky :D

There you have it, my short and "vague" review on Jay Chou's latest album-Exclamation Mark. Can I say that this is his best album to date? Why not? I really love all the songs in this album. Then again...unlike his other album I can't really tell which is the most distinguished song in this album yet. In his previous The Era album, Superman Can't Fly easily trounced all the other songs. The same cannot be said about Exclamation Mark. Maybe all the songs are equally good? Perhaps I need more time to pick the best among the best. Ha :D

Jay Chou during the launch of his latest album.
I love his latest logo-Anchor which bear his initials J.

So are you a Jay Chou fan? Still think that he is nothing but a lousy singer that can't even pronounce a word properly? Think again. After all he is the King of Asian. He won't be sitting on that thrown if he isn't that good right? Like I have mentioned before, you need to listen to his songs several times to appreciate them. It's like eating salmon or caviar if you like. This is what we "professional" music lovers call-acquired taste. :p Once you have really listened to his songs, you will like all his other songs. LOL :D

Jay Chou's Mine Mine-one very beautiful, breezy love song. :)

Exclamation Mark-I am so going to buy this album and blast it in my car. How about you? Still not convinced why you should fork out your hard-earned money for the 11 songs in his 11th album? I am sure that this time around, all the 11 songs in this album will be able to entertain you in their own unique ways. Trust me~you will feel that you can actually relate to the songs. Listen to the songs (free downloads included below) and judge them on your own. If you really love his songs, buy his original album to show your support ok. :)
Have you listened to all the 11 songs? Make sure you hook up a pair of high-quality, noise-cancelling headphone to enjoy his songs. You wouldn't wanna miss the intricacy of the musical instruments and the "peculiar" sounds right? Ha :D So which is your favourite song? My vote goes to track number 7-The Sadness of the Piano. Don't forget to buy Jay Chou's original Exclamation Mark ok! I am going to grab mine, complete with the cute sailor merchandise. Long live~Jay Chou. :)

Disclaimer: Warning! Please delete the songs that you have downloaded within 24 hours. It is a breach of piracy. Please support original. I do not own the right to these songs. I have already deleted mine and I am listening to the Youtube version right now.