World Cup Football Fever Is Back!

It doesn't matter if you are not a football fan, because you know that World Cup South Africa 2010 is a-live and kicking. Don't be s...
It doesn't matter if you are not a football fan, because you know that World Cup South Africa 2010 is a-live and kicking. Don't be sorry, it is inevitable. You will see (watch), listen and speak about world cup for the time being for it is the most happening event right now. Although there will only be one type of sport involved which is football, World Cup is arguably the BIGGEST GAME on earth. Not event Olympic can rival the hype and attention that World Cup can generate. So did you watch the first match between South Africa and Mexico?

World Cup Fever
I have World Cup Fever too!

Me, myself was infected with the World Cup bugs too. I am totally helpless and I am more than willing to succumb to the World Cup fever. Why not? After all I love football although I am better in basketball. Football is a very beautiful game if you ask me and World Cup is the Theater of Dreams where magic is conjured. World Cup is the very podium where strokes of artistry are being whipped up. Lots of talented players from different countries will be plying their trades and make their country proud. All of them are eying to write their own future by lifting the ultimate prize-Cup Of Life! Are you going to miss this?

If you are from planet Mars and is totally oblivious about the World Cup fever, here's a brief recap for you about World Cup 2010 which is being hosted in South Africa. Are you ready? There will be tonnes of pictures and information for your viewing pleasure. Here goes...

You know that World Cup Fever is here stumble upon newspaper ads asking you to change your current "old" TV so that you can catch every details of the match on your spanking new large 50inch screen plasma TV! If you are like me, the moment you enter a will be greeted by all those enticing huge TVs promotion. The offers are so irresistible that you have to bring one of them home.

World Cup fever, change your TV
I am red-carded too. :/

World Cup Fever, TV Plasma
All looks cheap aye. :p

You know that World Cup Fever is here when...the menus in restaurants are football-themed. If you frequent the mamak stalls, you will notice that some of the food are named after the competing countries such as Roti Brazil, Roti Sepanyol etc. Some restaurants even throw in some prizes for you to win if you dine in their restaurants such as Kenny Rogers. And if you like McDonald. You would have known that they are offering FREE World Cup Contour glass for each large value meal. I bought one today. :)

World Cup Fever, Kenny Rogers
Even Kenny Rogers chips in too.

World Cup Fever, MacDonald Contour Glass
I love this contour glass from McDonald.

You know that World Cup Fever is here when...the soft drink that you normally consume is suddenly being promoted by those football stars. Do you like to drink Pepsi? Go grab a few cans or bottles and you will be greeted by famous faces such as Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres and Kaka. wonder they are so good because they drink Pepsi. Oic...I thought soft drinks is not healthy. :p

World Cup Fever, Pepsi
Pepsi powers them up huh!

You know that World Cup Fever is here walk into a shopping mall only to be greeted by those huge weird objects dangling on top of you. You thought it was replicas of our solar system hovering above you. You looked more closely and then only you realized those were enormous footballs decorating the shopping mall. If you are a Malaccan like me, most probably you will notice these football in the new Jusco Malacca. You might want to kick it. :p

World Cup Fever, Giant Football
Ekk...what are those?

World Cup Fever, Giant Football
Ouh...GIANT footballs!

You know that World Cup Fever is here see Zakumi "from all walks of life" are everywhere. Meaning that you will be able to see different sizes of Zakumi on the streets. For the uninitiated, Zakumi (a leopard) is the mascot for World Cup South Africa 2010. It is certainly a collector's item. Zakumi looks cool and adorable at the same time. Have you bought yours? I am so tempted to get the 12inch Zakumi but...

World Cup Fever, Zakumi
My new friend Zakuma.

World Cup Fever, Zakumi
Zakuma is really cute. I should bring one home...

World Cup Fever, Zakumi
...but the price tag...

You know that World Cup Fever is here when...people are flocking to specialized shops to buy their favourite team's jerseys. It is like a must for all football fans. I know a few friends who actually starved themselves, saved a few hundred bucks and bought the original jerseys. I salute their die-hard spirit. How about you? So what colour are you wearing for this World Cup? Wanna know mine? :p

World Cup Fever, Original Jersey
They look so cool and fit.

World Cup Fever, Original Jersey
Guess which one did I pick? :p

You know that World Cup Fever is here when...a special booth is being set up in shopping malls where you get the chance to strut your stuff in a penalty shootout. I did it in Tesco you know. But the catch is you have to buy something before you are entitled 3 balls to test your skills. After that I had to stand in front of the virtual goal post complete with the virtual goalkeeper. It felt so real. I kept my composure and lashed all the 3 balls viciously...can you guess what was the outcome? Ha :D

World Cup Fever, Penalty Shootout Game
I bought 1 packet of 1kg milo in order to participate.

World Cup Fever, Penalty Shootout Game
I am going to kick the Adidas Jubilani!

World Cup Fever, Penalty Shootout Game
I am going to beat him.

I know I am lousy! :(

*panting* Ok. Let's stop for awhile. Enough of "You know that world cup fever is here when..."blah...blah...blah... :p Now let's talk about what you can do to "gear" yourself for this World Cup. Have you decorated your desktop of mobile phone to suit the World Cup mood? I suggest you grab your World Cup "Gears" such as wallpaper and ringtones at this site. And have you watched the BEST World Cup Ads-Write The Future done by Nike? You must watch it ok. How about the Official World Cup song-Waka Waka by Shakira? Have you watched it yet? Don't worry, you can watch it here now. :)

Shakira, World Cup Fever, Theme song Waka waka
The ever young Shakira!

Let's listen to her Waka Waka!

A~ha! Have you noticed those cute little blue bears clad in world cup jerseys recently? They are limited edition Blue Bears that Celcom is giving away in conjunction with this World Cup. There are 8 different Celcom Blue Bears for you to choose from every week starting from 17 May right up to 11 July. Guess which beat I like the most? So how can you get one of these cute bears? It's very easy. Just sign up for one of the selected Celcom Broadband plans. Likewise if you are an existing Celcom Broadband customer, all you need to do is purchase another 5GB of data volume before 11th July 2010.

World Cup fever, Celcom Blue Bear
I am holding the England Blue Bear aka Englbear. :)

Celcom Blue Bear

And here's something you must pay full attention: By signing up for new broadband plans or purchase an additional 5GB of data volume, you will be in the running for RM10,000 DAILY! cool is that? are confused? Ok! Ok! Let me simplify it for you. :p

Celcom Blue Bears
Do you want one?

(Step 1) For New Customers you only need to subscribe to one of these plans from now until 11th July 2010 and voila one of those Blue Bears will be cuddling with you. :)

Celcom Broadband Plan

(Step 1) For Existing Customers (like me) is relatively easy too. Follow these 3 simple steps to claim your favourite Celcom Blue Bears. First thing first, purchase an additional 5GB of data volume (trust me, you will need it for this World Cup) for only RM20.

(Step 2) Then register with Celcom's Online Customer Service at HERE.

(Step 3) Retrieve your very own UNIQUE serial number and pick the date which you are eligible to claim your Blue Bear. If you’ve been shortlisted for the day, Celcom will give you a call and you will need to answer a simple question. Answer the question correctly and you will be able to take home RM10,000.

And ouh yeah! Don't forget to flash your retrieved unique serial number at any Celcom Blue Cube or branch to redeem your cute Blue Bear ya!

OMG! It is so happening during this World Cup huh! And there is one more thing I wanna talk about. A~hem...You WILL also know that World Cup Fever is coming when...someone (like me) is fervently reading Road To South Africa. It is a book that has everything you need to know about this South Africa World Cup. It has the complete data for all the 32 teams which are competing to be the champion. Yes, it is a must read for football fans. Have you read yours? :)

World Cup Fever, Road To South Africa Magazine
I am a certified football fan! Don't play play!

Wow! This must be my longest post...ever. I hope you are enjoying your world cup fever too. Don't forget to jot down the stats ok. I am watching the match between South Africa and Mexico right now. Very thrilling! :) That's all for now folks. Until we meet another 2 days...

World Cup Fever, England Jersey, Tekkaus
I picked England to lift the World Cup!

~First Commenter~



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Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer: World Cup Football Fever Is Back!
World Cup Football Fever Is Back!
Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer
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