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You Must Watch Nike's Write The Future

Nike Football Write the Future is the best TV ad I have ever watched. Yes, you must watch this Nike Football Write The Future if you are a football fan. Even if you are not a football fan, you still need to watch this super awesome video made by Nike for this upcoming World Cup. If not you don't know what you are missing. I have watched it. All I can say is that Write The Future is one super awesome and very entertaining 3 minutes clip. Makes me wonder who is the genius behind this cheeky advertisement. Watching it certainly makes me pumped up for the World Cup.

Nike Write The Future Ad
Nike Football Write The Future

So what's the video clip about? Of course about football right? The title has already suggested what the whole video is about. Writing your own future. You are the one who will write your own destiny. Among the big names who appeared in this magical clip is Didier Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Wayne Rooney, Frank Ribery, Cesc Fabregas, Ronaldinho and Christiano Ronaldo. And guess what? Even Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer and even Homer Simpson made cameo appearance in this video. :)

Nike Write The Future Ad
Will Drogba's ball find the net?

Nike Write The Future Ad
Why is Fabio smiling?

The video clip starts off by showing Didier Drogba from Ivory Coast receiving a long ball from his team mate. He dribbled past a defender and set himself up for a one-on-one battle with the goalkeeper. At the same time, Italy's captain Fabio Cannavaro was rushing back to defend his goal post. Drogba then cleverly chipped the ball over the keeper towards the gaping goal-mouth. The whole Ivory Coast nation was so ecstatic when they saw Drogba's ball was heading into an empty net. They were already celebrating. Then Fabio Cannavaro suddenly appeared and execute a bicycle kick to make that all important clearance for Italy. He instantly became a hero and there is a song dedicated just for him back in Italy. Fabio Cannavaro was of course of smile.

Nike Write The Future Ad
What happened to your shaver?

Nike Write The Future Ad
Aww....the billboard the irked Rooney!

Then England's Wayne Rooney picked up a pass from his mate. Time was running out and he was hesitating who he should pass the ball too. He saw a friend and lobbed a long ball for him. Unfortunately Frank Ribery (France) managed to intercept his pass and launched a counter attack. Wayne then envisioned how is future is being destroyed. England stock market crashed and he became national villain. He was booted out from Manchester United and worked as a football pitch maintainer. Wayne ended up staying in a rust bucket. But when he was saw a Nike Ad showing Frank Ribery, he was immediately fired up. We woke and chased after Frank Ribery. He caught up and managed to tackle the ball away from Frank. Immediately he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Then baby boom happened in England and all the babies were named after him-Wayne. And lastly he was seen playing table tennis with Roger Federer. Huh? :p

Nike Write The Future Ad
Watch how he struts his stuff later.

Up next was Ronaldinho from Brazil (wait, I thought he is selected?). He collected a pass from his team mate and darted pass one defender. One opponent managed to catch up and cornered him. Ronaldinho then rolled up his sleeves and did his usual magic trick-static stepover. One pedala (wheel aka stepover), two pedala, three the same time his trademark trick was being blazed across the world via youtube, tv ads and even Kobe Bryant was imitating his stepover after scoring from downtown. Ha :D

Nike Write The Future Ad
Oic...Homer? Is that you?

Nike Write The Future Ad
Will he become a legend?

And the man of the clip is of course Christiano Ronaldo. He chested a pass and broke away from his defenders. Flashes of Christiano inaugurating a football stadium named after him-Estadio Christiano Ronaldo was shown. Christiano dribbled pass 2 defenders and sprinted towards the goal. A~ha! Guess who appeared next? It was Homer Simson. He opened the door and Ronaldo scored in between his legs. Ha :D There was even a movie made for Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo then continued to run ring his opponents until he was brought down. He won a free kick right in front of the goal. It was the moment of truth for him. A moment that will immortalized him as the football great of Portugal. Concurrently his giant statue was being unveiled in his hometown. Christiano Ronaldo took deep breath, stepped towards the ball and...that was it. THE END.

Nike Football Write The Future

There you have it. Football stars in this super awesome video clip. It is really, really the best I tell you. Wait...where on earth is Lionel Messi? Hmm...maybe he was not sponsored by Nike? :) Watch the video and tell me what you think about it. So the whole clip is about football players writing their on destinies on their biggest stage-World Cup. I really, really love this meticulously scripted clip from Nike. So you must watch Nike's Write The Future ok. :)

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