Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Nokia E72-My Dream Smartphone

Yes! Nokia E72 is the most expensive birthday present I have ever received in my life.Till today, I still can't believe that I am the proud owner of this awesome smartphone. It is the present D which I had mentioned in my previous post: My 4 Birthday Presents. A few of you actually got it right. I mean you folks have guessed it right, it is a phone. So for the sake or normalcy, let's have a glance again at the clue shall we?

"Present D It is this very present that makes me feel everything is so surreal right now. It fitted so nicely into my life. It is something that I have been dreaming of for a long, long time. I used to admire its images in newspaper and internet. Guess my wifey realized about this and got this ultimate dream present for me. Thank you wifey."

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Nokia E72-My dream machine.

Indeed, holding MY Nokia E72 in my hands make we feel so surreal beyond any reality. Why? Because I have never ever thought my wife would buy this expensive Nokia E72 for me. All this while I could only catch a glimpse of this phone in front of the Nokia stores, drooling at the sight of it. I would searched for info of Nokia E72 again and again in the internet. My dearest wife must have noticed my affinity towards this phone.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
OMG! Can I open it now?

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
There you are my Nokia E72.

A~ha! Suddenly I remembered something. You see, some time ago my wife asked me if I were given Apple iPhone 3GS and Nokia E72, which one would I prefer? Immediately I answered Nokia E72. Perhaps that was the time she went to bought my Nokia E72. LOL :D

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
See! My Nokia E72 is ORIGINAL ok!

Yes. My wife bought it a month before my birthday. Poor wifey, she had to drive there alone. She purposely went to the Nokia store without my knowledge and bought an ORGINAL Nokia E72 for me as my birthday present. My beloved wife had to fork out her hard-earned RM1400 to get me, my dream smartphone-Nokia E72. Poor wife. :'( In a blink, her money was gone. She brought it home and kept it a secret for more than a month before presenting it to me the night on my birthday. Awww...she is so sweet and thoughtful. :)

Ladies and gentleman, I give you...
My Dream Smartphone-Nokia E72!

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
This is what I get with my Nokia E72.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Up close and personal.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Awww...it feels so sturdy and solid.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
On its right you have the voice control.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
The USB port and the MicroSD card slot.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Let's look at my E72's backside.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Super crisp 5MP camera.

This Nokia E72 is almost like a computer I can assure you. But today for the sake of this post I am just going to share with you some of its main features:

Nokia E72 is designed for the way we (I) work.
1~Designed for the best mobile email and instant messaging experience.
2~Optical Navi key (this key is super awesome) enables easy scrolling through menu, emails and images.
3~Noise cancellation technology for high quality voice calls
4~Find your destination easily with A-GPS, compass and Ovi Maps
5~5Megapixel autofocus camera (awesome)

Of course the list can go on and on...click here to view what Nokia E72 can offer you.

So what do you think about my Nokia E72? I know. I know. Some of you folks who are Apple's iPhone purists must be scratching your heads wondering why I am not in favour of the touchscreen iPhone right? I don't know, perhaps I am a staunch Nokia fan? I just love my Nokia E72 so, so much. I am loving it. I am still on cloud nine with this dream smartphone of mine. Till today I am still toying with it. :)

Nokia E72, Nokia Smartphone
Dear wifey, thank you for giving me this Nokia E72!

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