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Must Watch World Cup Movie-Shaolin Soccer

World Cup Fever is back again and I know some of you can't get enough of the world cup right? You think about football, you sleep with your football, you eat with your football and ever drink with your football. Some of the football fanatics even go to the extent of applying medical leave just for the sake of catching more of the football action. Are you one of them who are always "sick" every four years? LOL :D Now tell me what do you do while waiting for the next live football match to start?
Shaolin Soccer,Stephen Chow
Watch Shaolin Soccer-The Best World Cup Movie!

I have a brilliant idea for you footie fans. Here's what you can do while waiting for your next live game to kick start-watch a movie! Huh? What movie should you watch right? Not just any movie, but a movie that can pump you up for this World Cup! If you are a sworn football fans, then you MUST WATCH Shaolin Soccer! There is no other soccer movie which can even be compared to it, let alone be mentioned in the same breathe to it. So have you watched Shaolin Soccer?
Shaolin Soccer
Can Messi do this?

Shaolin Soccer,Bruce Lee
Even Bruce Lee appeared in Shaolin Soccer!

Shaolin Soccer talks about the story of a former Shaolin monk who wanted to reunite five shaolin brothers. That Shaolin monk who is the leading actor in this story is Sing, played by the famous Stephen Chow. You see, Sing's has always believed that Shaolin kung fu can be integrated into the daily lives of the modern society. The movie starts off by showing flashback of how the coach Golden Leg Fung (Ng Man Tat) whose greed caused him to lose everything on that every day. I thought the whole movie is fabricated perfectly.
Shaolin Soccer
What is this? Break dancing? Crazy! Expects lots of this!

Shaolin Soccer
What is this? Is that legal Mr. Referee?

Shaolin Soccer
In the dressing after they have been tortured by Team Evil!

Certainly this is not your ordinary football movie. The title has already suggested that lots of Shaolin Kung Fu chops and slapstick moves are involved in this movie. With Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat in the movie, you can expect lots of infectious laughters. Make not mistake this is not just another lousy, dim-witted, silly movie make for the sake of fun. Though funny, this movie has certainly got lots of substance. If you don't believe me, watch it for yourself.
Shaolin Soccer,Wong Yat-Fai
Wong Yat-Fai (Best Supporting Actor) is on fire!

Shaolin Soccer,Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow-the best actor, the best director!

Produced in 2001, I still believe no one can come out with another football-themed movie to top Shaolin Soccer. I have watched Shaolin Soccer at least 20 times (or I have lost count). I don't understand why I won't get bored with it at all. Perhaps it was Stephen Chow? Or is it because the whole movie itself is a masterpiece? Do you know that Shaolin Soccer brought home a whopping 7 awards in the 21st Hong Kong Film festival out of the 14 nominations that they received. Holy smoke! Here's the list stolen from Wikipedia:

21st Annual Hong Kong Film Awards:
1~Winner: Best Picture
2~Winner: Best Director (Stephen Chow)
3~Winner: Best Actor (Stephen Chow)
4~Winner: Best Supporting Actor (Wong Yat-Fei)
5~Winner: Best Sound Effect
6~Winner: Best Visual Effect
7~Winner: Outstanding Young Director (Stephen Chow)
8~Nomination: Best Action Choreography
9~Nomination: Best Cinematography
10~Nomination: Best Costume Design
11~Nomination: Best Editing
12~Nomination: Best Screenplay
13~Nomination: Best Original Film Score
14~Nomination: Best Original Song

The awards they receive is a testimony showing how good Shaolin Soccer really is. Shaolin Soccer did exceptionally well at the Hong Kong box office and eventually grossing HK$60,739,847, making it the highest grossing film in Hong Kong history at the time. However this record could only be held until 2004 when it was topped by another Stephen Chow movie-Kung Fu Hustle. You see, Stephen Chow is a genius or what? Need more proof to convince you to watch this movie? How about some rotten tomatoes?

Shaolin Soccer,Rotten Tomato
Rotten Tomatoes don't lie right?

Do you have any idea that Shaolin Soccer received an amazingly high positive reviews from film critics at Rotten Tomatoes? Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 91% of critics had given the film positive reviews. That's a very damn high percentage for a movie outside of USA! I tell you what, go download or buy Shaolin Soccer and watch it for at least 10 minutes. That opening 10 minutes is more than enough to convince you that Shaolin Soccer is a gem. Or spare me 2 minutes to watch this trailer.

Official Shaolin Soccer Trailer (English)
What do you think?

To me, this is the BEST martial art-football movie ever! All in all, Shaolin Soccer is more than just a movie about football and martial arts. It is a movie about people not giving up on their dreams and wanting to achieve it. It is about believing in yourself and strive to make it a reality. So grab yourself this highly entertaining Shaolin Soccer and let it make you laugh your pants off. :)

Shaolin Soccer-You must watch it during this world cup! :)

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