Thursday, May 20, 2010

NO Chritsty Yow's Nude & Breast Photos Here!

I was shocked to know that my blog was flooded with so much traffic when I came back from work just now. I wonder which post of mine was so sensational that it suddenly received so many search engine traffic. Immediately I checked and I was dumbstruck! Why? Because my blog has garnered lots of traffic due to the wrong reasons. *Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!* It seems that a lot of perverted or curious Malaysians thought that they could find the naked photos of Christy Yow here. Sorry none of those photos here folks. :/

Christy Yow Photo
Christy Yow is such a hit today!

Apparently the keywords that they used to search are "Christy Yow Breast" & "Christy Yow Nude"! So sorry to tell you that there are no lurid photos of Christy Yow posted here in my blog. And my top 2 posts which are racking in the organic traffic are (1) Christy Yow-First Malaysian Nude Cover Girl and (2) Christy Yow Will Not Strip As Rose Chan. I don't know why my posts are ranking quite high for her nude photos. What a shame! Anyway I was wondering what sparked off this crazy request to see Christy Yow nude photos and breast? Hmm...makes me wonder and so I searched...

Christy Yow Photo
(Click picture to enlarge)
Christy Yow what???

A~ha! I bet it is this news that ignited the whole "Christy Yow Nude" frenzy on the net. It seems that Christy Yow has also given up to pose nude for the sake of her marriage and family. Recently she said in an interview that she will not do any more raunchy photo shoots or movies in future for her dear husband Alasnk Wang. Love can really change someone huh! Yep! So no more nude photos of her, a la the one that she did for FHM Singapore and F*** (Film, Fame & Frank) magazine.

Christy Yow Photo, Christy Yow FHM Magazine
Christy Yow posed nude for FHM!

The strange thing is that her husband, Alansk, and his family are perfectly OK with her previous sexy photo spread. Huh? For real? But I guess bygones are bygones and there are nothing they can do about it anymore. Both Alansk and Christy met in an acting class last year and the rest is history. Alansk proposed to Christy Yow back in December and had just recently registered their marriage in Singapore. And next year will be their wedding reception.

Christy Yow Photo, Christy Yow F**** Magazine
F***-First Magazine to feature nude Christy Yow?

However Christy Yow had admitted that quitting her role as Rose Chan was really a heart-breaking decision to make. But she still managed to sacrifice her career when it is peaking just for the sake of being with the man of her life. So Alansk is one lucky bloke. I wish both of them a very happy marriage. Love conquers all!

Christy Yow Photo
You made the correct decision Christy! :)

P.S.: For those of you who are still searching high and low for Christy Yow nude photos in my blog, I am sorry to disappoint you. Perhaps you can go to Singapore to buy the FHM and F*** Magazines if you are really desperate to see Christy Yow in nude. :/