Saturday, May 22, 2010

2000 Unique Visitors From Christy Yow

I wanna thank Christy Yow personally for helping me to rake in 2000 unique visitors two days ago. To top it up up, the page views Tekkaus managed to garner is more than 4000 hits. Wow! I believe this is my highest traffic record in a day so far. And I think it is hard for me emulate this feat again! If you have been reading my blog this few days, you would have know that my blog was flooded with massive search engine traffic this Thursday-20th May 2010! It was a historic day for me. 2000 unique visitors and4000 hits in day is really mind boggling for a small fry like me. :)

Christy Yow
Christy Yow-The hottest model in Malaysia right now?

Although it was just for day, I am still very happy nonetheless. A fluke it might be, but it is very gratifying and it does boost my confidence. So let's see why I managed to get this sudden spike of temporary traffic shall we? It seems that a few days ago, Christy Yow appeared in our local newspaper claiming that she will not do anymore raunchy photo shoots or movies anymore. So lots of curious people wanted to know how her body looks like when she is naked. And that's when they search for what they wanna see-->"Christy Yow breast"! Goodness!

Christy Yow
I wish I can get this kind of traffic every day. :p

Guess what? Lots of those searches landed them to my previous two posts about Christy Yow! The first one talks about Christy Yow being the first Malaysian nude cover girl. The second posts that receive quite a number of traffic is Christy Yow's decision to quit as Rose Chan The Stripper! I strongly believe that not many written about these news back then, that is why when Christy Yow made the headlines again last week, I was able to enjoy the "spillover" effect. :)

Christy Yow
She is indeed very photogenic.

I guess I was lucky to get those traffic "from" Chirsty Yow? This scenario is almost the same with the success I had with Lee Chong Wei where I garnered 1200 unique visitors. The only difference is because I had prepared the "baits" earlier. In other words, I have anticipated Christy Yow to be turning heads again and write up story about her? So that's my secret? I don't know, but I can tell you that sometimes being controversial has its advantage. :p

Christy Yow
Again thanks to Christy Yow for giving me so much traffic. :)

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