Sunday, May 23, 2010

Micro Sim Card From Maxis

Thing that you sim card is very puny already? Behold the first micro sim card from Maxis. Or mini Maxis if you like. As it stands now Maxis will be the first, one and only Malaysian local telco to let Malaysians enjoy this new micro sim card format that will be used for new gadgets and devices such as the Apple iPad 3G and most probably the 4th generation iPhone when it lands on our shore. So how tiny is this small so-called Micro Sim?

Maxis Micro Sim Card
up close and personal with a Sim Card.

Maxis claims that their new micro sim card will hold all your contact information in a pygmy 12 x 15mm card. This is approximately half the size of the regular sim card that we are using. 50% reduction in size? Is this something that we should shout about? Not really, but what inside of it is what we should pay attention of.

Comparison of the old and new micro sim card (below)
Maxis Micro Sim Card
Stole this photo from the newspaper.
Took this using mobile phone. That's why! :/

Although it is small, it is claimed that this new micro sim has increased processing capabilities (intel inside?) and larger memory capacities (how many GB?)! Ha :D So this new small micro sim card is more powerful than its predecessor right. But the bad news is that this micro sim card will not work with all the current phones but only with newer small form factor gadgets that can support it.

Maxis Micro Sim Card,Apple iPad 3GS
Apple iPad 3GS

And now only Apple iPad 3G and Lok8u’s nu.m8 (a GPS locator wristwatch) deploy this latest micro SIM format. However Maxis has said that this micro sim card can be used with Maxis existing Maxis mobile data or broadband plans. Ouh~so we will get this new micro sim for free of charge if we sing up for Maxis new postpaid and broadband line? Hmm...but what other features this tiny sim card can offer us? Let's wait and see shall we? :)

Maxis Micro Sim Card,Lok8u’s nu.m8

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