Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jay Chou's Confession In Superman Can't Fly!

Yesterday I told you that I have been experiencing this eargamic sensation after listening to Jay Chou's The Era! How about you? Are you enjoying his songs too? Today I am going to share with you my favourite song in Jay Chou's The Era which is Superman Can't Fly (超人不能飞). This gotta be one of his best song ever. I am so in love with it. Again to those uninitiated, Superman Can't Fly will just be another cheesy song with bad enunciation from Jay Chou. I won't blame you for your "ignorance" though. :p

Jay Chou,Superman Can't Fly MTV
Jay Chou with his Bat Mobile in Superman Can't Fly!

At first...me, myself thought that Superman Can't Fly is just another normal song which talks about superhero. If you were to watch just the MTV alone, you will thing that the whole song is about the man behind than mask. I am guilty of this too. Then I realized how shallow I am for not being able to read between the lines. Little did I know that Superman Can't Fly is actually a confession from Jay Chou. Can't help it because I didn't bother to look at the lyrics previously.

Jay Chou,Superman Can't Fly MTV
The Superman in the MTV!

I scrutinized every single words, every lines in Superman Can't Fly. I am flabbergasted by the intricacy of the song. Yes, the song is catchy and infectious but at the same time it open up Jay's heart about how he feels about a lot of thing revolving around him. It is like his very personal confession. Through Superman Can't Fly, Jay Chou divulges his rage, his dilemma, his sorrow...everything that is bothering him in the glitzy entertainment world! It goes to show how mortal he is. And how he yearns to be a normal person just like anyone of us.

Now let's watch the highly entertaining MTV. The MTV has its very own story. But at the same time don't forget to go through the lyrics to fully understand the meaning behind the song ok. :)

Superman Can't Fly Lyrics


媽媽說很多事別太計較 只是使命感找到了我 我睡不著
如果說罵人要有點技巧 我會加點旋律你會覺得 超屌
我的槍不會裝彈藥 所以放心不會有人倒
我拍青鋒俠不需要替身 因為自信是我繪畫的顏料

被狗仔拍的那邊裝著要道歉的模樣 怎樣

我唱的歌詞要有點文化 因為隨時會被當教材
CNN能不能等英文好一點再訪 時代雜誌封面能不能重拍
隨時隨地注意形象 要控制飲食不然就跟杜莎夫人蠟像的我不像
好萊鎢的中國戲院地上有很多手印腳印 何時才能看見我的掌

喔如果超人會飛 那就讓我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰這個世界 會讓我覺得好一些
拯救地球好累 雖然有些疲憊但我還是會
不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚

唱歌要拿最佳男歌手 拍電影也不能只拿個最佳新人
你不參加頒獎典禮就是沒禮貌 你去參加就是代表你很在乎
得獎時你感動落淚 人家就會覺得你誇張做作
如果你天生這表情 那些人甚至會怪你媽媽
結果最後是別人在得獎 你也要給予充分的掌聲與微笑
開的車不能太好 住的樓不能太高
專輯一出就必須是冠軍 拍了電影就必須要大賣

如果超人會飛 那就讓我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰這個世界 會讓我覺得好一些 oh
拯救地球好累 雖然有些疲憊但我還是會
不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚

What say you? Do you enjoy this song? I am loving it because I can get to know the other side of Jay Chou. Now let's talk about that MTV shall we? Do you agree that this whole MTV has almost nothing to do with the song? But it does have one similarity. The whole MTV basically wanna tell us that no matter how perfectly strong or determined someone might appear to you, they still have their own flaw. They are still human just like us. And that's why sometimes...Superman Can't Fly!

P.S.: Anyone who wants the lyrics to be translated? Do tell me and I might translate Superman Can't Fly for you guys. Next week perhaps? :p