Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christy Yow-1st Malaysian Nude Cover Girl

Still remember Christy Yow who appeared in The Star some time ago? Guess what? It seems that the hot weather is making her really sweaty and she just can't take it anymore. So she decided to go completely naked...for a magazine. Yep! Christy Yow has posed nude for a magazine in Singapore, thus making her the 1st official Malaysian Nude Cover Girl! She is the actress who played our legendary striptease Rose Chan in her latest movie "Mei Gui Xiang" 玫瑰香 (The Charming Rose). She has also acted in several movies in Singapore. Strangely I don't she is really that famous. Perhaps only with some males. :p

Christy Yow as F*** cover girl!

Our legendary Rose Chan

Christy Yow's nude photos appeared on the cover of the 1st issue of a movie magazine called F*** (Film, Fame & Frank).<--What? There is such a name? This F*** magazine hit the street last week, and Christy is more than happy to marvel at herself. Dubbed as Asia's upcoming sex symbol, Christy was chosen to play Rose Chan, a cabaret dancer who turned herself into the Striptease Queen of Malaysia. I believe Christy was chosen because she is busty? :p

Well-known for her 36C breast, Christy who hails from Ipoh, Perak, said she wanted to look sexy and equally enigmatic in her nude photos. She said that she wanna take these nude photos of hers while she still can (before she gets old I guess). Hmm...if you happen to be a big fan of hers, go get the magazine and see for yourself. I'm not interested though but I am just proud of her because she is a Malaysian~mah! So again! Malaysia boleh! :p

That's all! No nude photos here ok.
What were you thinking huh?

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