Monday, February 8, 2010

Troupe of Kaifong Henan At Jusco (Pictures & Videos)

Last week it was so happening in Jusco. In order to attract more visitors on its opening, Jusco has hired acrobatic troupes from China to do the job. I happened to be there when the Troupe of Kaifong Henan was performing. There were two groups of performers; the boy troupe and the girl troupe. The boy troupe is more on their agility and dexterity while the girls are more on their inhuman flexibility. Am I entertained to watch their performance? Of course I was and I believe all the other spectators have a great time too.

After all, we don't always get to see China's acrobatic troupe in Malaysia for free right? So here are some poorly taken pictures of the performance. The first performance, we saw the boys strutting their agility and balancing. Then came the ladies (or little girls). Goodness, the way these little girls bent and twisted their limbs really made my jaw dropped. "Don't they have bones? Are they even human?", I thought. They were only 6 or 7 years old kids. I wonder if they have been exploited?

The Big Small Boys

Ok, hit it!



The Little Slithery, Snaky Girls

They are so adorable.

Look at how she bent? Ouch!

This gotta be my best shot of them all. :)

I thought the little girls really bedazzled the audience. The way they execute their moves captivated all of us. One thing for sure is a lot of hard work involves in all their every movements. Kudos to these little performers. Wanna how they performed.

Well, the Kaifong Henan Troupe only performed for 3 days and yesterday was the last day. So if you still wanna catch a glimpse of China's acrobatic troupe, you can do so by visiting Jusco Bandaraya on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February. Time? 3pm, 5pm and 8pm. So don't forget to bring along your camera ok. Maybe we can meet up there. That's all for now folks. :)