Monday, February 8, 2010

MTV & Photos of The Grand Day (大日子) At Old Ipoh

Woohooo! Chinese New Year is approaching FAST! Only a few more days away. And we must have chinese new year music to blast our new lunar year right? This year my favourite Chinese New Year song is gotta be Astro's The Grand Day or 大日子. This song has been blaring our radio stations, shopping malls and even houses for months already. I guess the tune is too infectious? So what's the secret behind The Grand Day (大日子)? Is it because there are lots of gorgeous ladies? Or is it because there are lots of famous singers? So what makes this song so hot?

A popular scene stolen from Kung Fu?

They like to move it, move it!

Aw...what a beautiful scene. :)

The answer is 36! There are 36 reasons why this song is so "IN" right now. Apart from the beautifully arranged song and catchy lyrics, I thing the 36 singers in the MTV really clicked and hence made The Grand Day (大日子) such an infectious CNY tune for 2010. Their chemistry is so good, I thought I was watching a short movie clip while listening to this song. A great song from them. So have you listened to it yet? :p Here's the MTV. Quite funny.

So what do you think about this song? Do you like it? Or do you have other CNY songs that you would like to recommend to me? Anyway here are the 36 singers who are in the MTV. Wanna know who are they? View the slideshow below. :)

Two of the famous faces. :p

Can you recognize all of them? Well, that's all for now folks. I hope you guys enjoyed this song. Have a great week preparing for CNY ya. :)