Monday, February 8, 2010

Jessica Alba Is Distressed About Xiaoqing's Plastic Surgery!

Still remember a few days ago I blogged about a girl in China who wants Jessica-alba-plasty to win her boyfriend back? Words spread so fast (of course), and now the 20 year-old Xiaoqing decision has fallen on the REAL Jessica Alba's ears. So what say the real Alba? Apparently the Hollywood beauty says that she is distressed at reports that a woman in China plans to undergo extreme makeover to look like her. I think Jessica Alba felt distasteful knowing that Xiaoqing wanted to do so just to win her ex-boyfriend back. Yeerrrr...both of the them (Xiaoqing & her ex-boyfriend) are equally nuts.

Jessica Alba also said, "I think you should never have to change yourself like that. If somebody loves you, they'll love you no matter what." How wise is Alba but I think Xiaoqing is insane already so all the advices will only fall on deaf ears. BUT...Alba is one gorgeous woman so she will never understand why some people wanna look like her. Then again, it is hard to understand what people are thinking nowadays right? Some people call this unconditional love. I call it an act of stupidity. :D

She is already good-looking right?

*Sniff! Sniff!*I think there is something pretty FISHY about all this you know. Why? Still remembered in my previous post, I said that Xiaoqing broke this news to the public because she wanna raise money? I think she did it to get free plastic surgery for herself? And guess what? Her efforts paid off. Now the doctors from Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital has offered to do the procedures for FREE. Yes! Free because those doctors wanna showcase their surgical skill. Ha :D

The moral of this whole story? The next time you want FREE plastic surgery, fabricate a story and make a super dramatic fuss out of it. And guess what? You can save that few thousands dollars to buy something else, for example an iPhone 3GS, iPod, the new iPad and ouh...yeah...the Fantastic 4 DVD featuring Jessica Alba. :D

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