Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who Can Crack The Swine Vinci Code?

Almost a year ago I have written about The Swine Vinci Code. Of course it is about the dreaded Swine Flu aka Pig Flu! As I mentioned in The Swine Vinci Code, this deadly pandemic started on the 25th of April and many lives were claimed! A lot of us thought that it has already been dealt with and we have nothing to worry about until...recently when reports after reports of contraction have surfaced much to our horror. What we fear is imminent as the inevitable second wave of H1N1 is bearing its ugly face. Looks like we have to prepare for the worst!

Influenza AH1N1,Swine Flu,Swine Vinci Code
Arrgghh~I am stuck with this swine here!

I am sad to know that a teacher in Malacca died at the Malacca Hospital at 5.15am 2 days ago after contracting the lethal virus 3 weeks ago. She is supposed to celebrate Teachers Day with her fellow colleagues and students, but now she is gone. Her husband who is also a teacher couldn't believe it, "I never expected her to pass away when teachers all over the country are celebrating Teachers Day." A very sad day indeed for all Malaysians and it is also a stern reminder to all of us that Swine Flu is still lingering around us and we need to be really careful!

Influenza AH1N1,Swine Flu,Swine Vinci Code
Don't kiss me please!

Of course Malaysia is not the only country plagued by the H1N1 virus. Swine Flu is not only affecting us but it is a global woe that has killed at least 16,931 people (21 March 2010) around the world. Yes, in just one year...17k of lives had been robbed. Most of the time it was due to negligence and late detection. So are you doing everything you can to protect you loved ones? First and foremost you must educate yourself and your family about Swine Flu aka Influenza H1N1.

How the virus spreads?
Influenza AH1N1,Swine Flu,Swine Vinci Code
The infected person talk, talk, talk and talk...

Influenza AH1N1,Swine Flu,Swine Vinci Code
...and the rest is history. :/

1~Usually it begins when the infected person cough or sneeze.
2~Later on the droplets which contain the virus will get on their hands, surfaces (e.g. table) and worse still dispersed into the air.
3~Then the unlucky, uninfected person will breathe in this contaminated air OR touch the hands OR surfaces and voila they will contract the disease.

Once a person is infected with the H1N1 virus, he or she will show the following symptoms. So if you know anyone who exhibit such symptoms, please ask them to seek medical care as soon as possible. It is a must!

Symptoms of Influenza A(H1N1):

Fever or one or more of the following symptoms:
~sore throat
~difficulty in breathing
~body ache

They say early detection saves lives. So the sooner your seek medical treatment, the better you chances of surviving the onslaught of this virus. Don't hesitant if you have any of the above symptoms. Don't wait till it is too late ok. And those who are at HIGH RISK for severe illness or complication if they have contracted this H1N1 virus, they must seek immediate medical attention.

High Risk Individuals:

1~Children younger than 5 years old.
2~Anyone aged 65 years and older.
3~Children & adolescence (below 19 years old) on long term aspirin therapy.
4~Pregnant women
5~Adult or children who have suppressed immune system (include those caused by medications of HIV infections).
6~Residents of nursing homes.
7~Individuals who are obese.
8~Adults or children with any of the following diseases : (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, organ failure, cardiovascular diseases, hepatic, hematologic, neurologic, diabetes etc.)

Phew! That is really a long list. But you get the idea right? I hope you will be more aware after reading the above information. Of course it would be better if we will not be infected right? As they say prevention is better than cure. If possible try to avoid places which are crowded and we must always do these 2 basic things of possible: (1)~Wash our hands frequently and (2)~Be a masked man or woman! Simple right?

Influenza AH1N1,Swine Flu,Swine Vinci Code
Who says masked man is not cool?

More importantly I hope scientists will be able to come out with a more effective vaccine as the current one has seen some of the vaccinated individuals killed. Let's pray that this disease outbreak will not last. Of course we, ourselves should do our part to prevent the spread of this fatal virus. Hopefully someone can break the swine vinci code fast!

Influenza AH1N1,Swine Flu,Swine Vinci Code
Don't let its cuteness fool you! Swine flu is lethal!