Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beyonce's Fault For Little Girls' Sexy Ladies Rendition?

Beyonce. Who wouldn't know this flamboyant, sultry songstress with a penchant for sexy outfit and flirtatious dance moves right? Last year Beyonce actually cancelled her concert here in Malaysia just because she didn't want to obey the dress code laid out for her. She insisted that she was not going to perform if she was not given freedom to choose what she wanna wear. From that day onwards, it makes me feel that Beyonce is someone who rely heavily more on her body than her voice. No disrespect but hey, what can't she just put on a decent clothes and sing? I thought she is singer and not a stripper.

Little Girls Beyonce Performance
Little Beyonces in their lingeries. :(

Purist and Beyonce fans would be cursing me right now. Ha :D After all some of them love to watch her strutting her "stuff" in MTVs and concert rather than listening to her music right? But Beyonce recently garnered another unwanted accusation for influencing little girls to dance and dress like "whores"! This happened at last month World of Dance Competition held in Pomona, California. Apparently these 5 little 7 years old girl tried to be little Beyonces. They did their own rendition of Single Ladies performance.

Beyonce Scantily Clad
That's why she cancelled her concert in Malaysia!

These girls were scantily clad in lingeries and they were making sexy, provocative dance moves in front of millions of spectators. For goodness sake, they are only 7 years old girls who should be playing with their dolls instead of whoring around! Their 2 minutes dance has gone viral in Youtube and had been labelled as disturbing. I can't agree more. After viewing this short clip I was shaking my head fervently! I was horrified, truly I am! Who on earth teach them to dance?

Only 7 and they are doing this???

A lot are questioning whether these little girls' performance was too provocative (you bet!) or who should be at blame. One Tweet said, "Apparently 7 yr old girls now think bootytopping in lingerie 2 single ladies is an accomplishment. Thx Beyonce." While another Twitter said, "Beyonce is an adult entertainer. The kids parents bear responsibility." Ask me and I will tell you both parents and Beyonce should be blamed. :/ Beyonce should focus more on music and not just to visually entertain the world; likewise parents should control what their kids are watching.

What Moms think?

Sol Soto:
"The choreography and song do not bother me one bit. I think when you add those costumes in, that is what really takes it over the top."

Elizabeth Flora Ross:
"I've seen it multiple times now (everyone is posting/talking about it), and my reaction is the same every time. I just want to know who on Earth thinks this is appropriate for girls that age?! It is beyond any logic I am capable of."

Carla Martinez:
"I see nothing wrong with the dance routine, but they could have changed the dance costume to cover more of the skin that was showing."

Trina Hiltz-Crawford:
"I agree with Sol. I think those girls have tons of talent, but they were really sexualized with the costuming. I'd be freaking out if it were my daughter."

Amy Beeman:
"What I want to know is, how come the parents of these girls didn't question the routine, song and outfits? They had to have seen it prior to this."

Paula Hess Graham:
"WTH!!!! This should be illegal!!!"

Naureen Collins:
"What were these parents thinking in allowing their little girls to participate in such a sexually charged dance routine? How can anyone see anything of value in such a display? These parents -- and the people who put this competition together -- should be ashamed of themselves for putting these girls in such a negative position. It was outright disgusting!"

Danielle Weilamann:
"Everyone is complaining about the costumes. If you take off the 'sleeves,' thigh-highs and ruffles on the shorts, you are left with a girl's boy-short bikini. I see nothing wrong with that until it is paired with the dance moves. Those little girls should not have been shaking what their mama gave them. Such a shame that the dance instructor and parents allowed that to happen."

Jody Darriell:
"I love the parents who won't allow their child to watch SpongeBob because of his 'bad influences,' yet they approve of little girls dressing like burlesque dancers and dancing provocatively. Had they been older, say high school, the dance would not have bothered me as badly. The costumes, however, are inappropriate for anyone who isn't getting paid by the hour in Vegas."

Carrie Padden Gibson:
"So glad I am the mother of boys!"

I love the last comment, "So glad that I am the mother of boys." I agreed with what these mamas had said. If you are enjoying their performance, very likely you are either a pimp or a pedophile! Or maybe you like to whore around too? They are still little girls and parents should take care of them. There is not way I am going to let any of my daughters to be scantily clad in the future! NO! :(