Saturday, April 10, 2010

P1 Wimax Is NOT 4G! Don't Be Fooled!

Correct me if I am wrong but P1 WIMAX is NOT 4G, at least not yet. I believe P1 is misleading Malaysians by claiming that their wireless technology is 4G. Thus far, P1 Wimax is the only Wimax operator in Malaysia with an aggressive roll out. And I am sure a lot of us are aware how bold P1 was a few months by introducing its controversial "Potong" advertisement. P1 invited Streamyx users to cut their wired broadband and move to their so-called 4G wireless technology.

P1 Famous "Potong" Ad!

Do you know that last year P1 has begun to referred themselves as 4G broadband network? Obviously all its competitors (Celcom, Maxis and DiGi) are 3G operators, hence this gives the public an immediate impression that P1 WiMAX is more advanced compared to them. But the truth is, P1 WIMAX IS NOT 4G wireless broadband network. So why P1 WiMAX lied and claimed they are 4G? I don't know...maybe this is the only way they can compete?

So why P1 WiMAX is not a 4G broadband technology? Simply put, the wireless authorities-ITU, have not even finalised the definition of 4G technology! The ITU (International Telecommunication Union), which is the UN body that sets wireless standards, is actually in the final stages of defining the IMT-Advanced wireless standard that we referred to as 4G! So until this October 2010, any claims that a technology (such as P1 WiMAX) is 4G is simply not true at all. Meaning that there is no 4G in the world right now! *gasp* :0

This is not true!

Altogether there are 2 candidate technologies vying to be crowned as 4G and WiMax is of course one of them-but certainly not in its current form which P1 is deploying. And do you know that the earlier versions of WiMAX are actually 3G technology. So did I manage to convince you? No? Never mind. Here's another reason why P1 WiMAX is not 4G yet-low speed and lousy coverage. 4G system is SUPPOSED to have a target peak data rates of up to 100Mbps for mobile usage and 1Gbps for fixed wireless access. And all the current wireless services in Malaysia (including P1 WiMAX) is not even close to that speed yet.

Do you think P1 WiMAX still qualified to label itself as 4G? Guess what are the usual complaints that we hear from P1 users? The answer is inconsistent speeds and coverage problems, which are the same as what the 3G subscribers are facing. What a shame right? Will you jump onto the WiMAX bandwagon too?

All in all, P1 WiMAX is not 4G. At least not at this time of writing (10th April 2010)! The 4G tag is simply being abused by marketing teams to simply indicate that the service they provide is faster than 3G! So will P1 WiMAX step out and give all of us an explanation? I doubt they will disagree with what I have mentioned earlier. The TRUTH-P1 WiMAX IS NOT 4G BROADBAND!

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