Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 Stuffs That I Bought From PC Fair

The PC Fair held in Malacca will come to an another few more hours. Yes, today is the last day of PC Fair at MITC. If you have been following me (on Twitter & Facebook), you would have known that I had been flocking in and out of MITC. I was hunting high and low for a few gadgets to fulfill my daily tasks. How about you? Did you get yourself anything from this PC Fair? A new netbook? A new portable hard disk? week, it will be KL's turn to play host for PC Fair.

The Fantastic Four That I bought!
PC Fair

These are the 4 stuffs that I bought...

Avira Antivirus
Avira Antivirus-My Bodyguard!

PC Fair,Sony Headphone
Sony Headphone-music to my ears..yeah!

PC Fair,Car Reaeder
All-in-one Card Reader to transfer photos from my camera.

PC Fair,USB Drive
8GB USB Drive+Micro SD Card Reader

These "Fantastic Four" set me back by approximately RM160! But I guess it is affordable and I really, really do need them. So for those of you who live in KL, don't forget to visit the PC Fair to see what bargains you can get ok. That's all from me folks. :)

PC Fair,Sony Headphone
I am so in love with my Sony headphone!