Thursday, April 15, 2010

Christy Yow Will Not Strip As Rose Chan

Still remember some time ago I blogged about Christy Yow who is the 1st Malaysian Nude Cover Girl? Previously it was reported that she will play our legendary striptease in the movie "Mei Gui Xiang" 玫瑰香 (The Charming Rose). But she had made a sudden announcement to pull out from the movie. It is certainly a shocking news to those who have been anticipating the movie but Christy Yow made it clear that her decision is final. So what's the reason that caused her to back off? Why? It was because of love. :)

Christy Yow
The sexy Christy Yow!

Apparently Christy Yow had decided to pull out because she doesn't want to upset her future in-laws. Yep! She is getting married soon and she is afraid that the movie which has some explicit scenes will cause a stir in her marriage. This news certainly took me by surprise too. After all I thought this movie is supposed to be a stepping stone for her career. In fact, Christy, herself admitted that it was a big sacrifice to withdraw from the movie. This shows that Christy Yow is a woman who puts love and family above her own self interest-fame & career. I salute you Christy! Not many woman is able to do what she has done.

Christy Yow
Christy in Paris. (wait till you see the next photo)

Of course the Singaporean film-maker Eric Khoo has someone lined up to replace Christy Yow as Rose Chan in the biopic about our fabled stripper. Khoo took the news calmly about 2 weeks ago even though the movie is going to start filming in a few months. However Khoo has refused to reveal the new Rose Chan as he has not made up his mind yet. Do you know that he had spent more than one year auditioning more than 200 hopefuls before choosing Christy Yow to be Rose Chan last October? Guess...everything has to start from ground zero again?

Christy Yow
Yes, Alansk Wang was there too. :)

So who is the lucky man that make Christy Yow sacrificed her career? His name is Alansk Wang. Apparently Alansk Wang who is a Taiwanese businessman, proposed to Christy Wong on Christmas Eve about 10 months after they have met in an acting class in Taiwan. Yow quit the Rose Chan movie because she wanted her fiance (or husband) and his family to feel comfortable with her. So do you know how lucky are you, Alansk Wang Bao Lin (from Facebook). Certainly this shows that Christy is very in love with him and is very much very conservative. :)

Christy Yow
Or they are already married?

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