Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love To Surf (And Be Served) Everywhere!

It's not a secret that I am addicted to blogging, Tweeting and Facebooking. Most of you have already known how crazy I can be sometimes (once in blue moon)...neglecting my sleep just for the sake of tweaking my blog. I can't help it, because I aspire to be a problogger~mah. Besides blogging can offer me so much fun (and money), so much so I feel it liberates me. So I can boldly say that my life is directly wired to the internet. I wonder what will happen if the whole internet in the world is being crippled. Well it be the end of the world for me? LOL :D

Wireless Broadband,Streamyx

I was introduced to the borderless world wide web years ago via the snail-pace 56kbps dial-up connection. Back then I was so happy that I could surf the net although it took me like...forever to load a single page. Time has certainly changed. Right now even with the ultra fast broadband (1Mbps) at my disposal, I still can't get enough of it. I want instant gratification with my internet access right now! I will not tolerate any lag or connection disruption. Instant gratification is what all of us want right now!

Wireless Broadband,USB Dongle
My Wireless USB Dongle!

I feel that we deserve to enjoy neck-breaking internet speed which is affordable at the same time. Sadly in Malaysia, that is still a far-fetched dream. This is evident these few days as I am experiencing lousy internet connection with my fixed broadband. Arrgghhh....why so not up to scratch sometimes? I was at wit's end trying to connect to the internet these few days, but it seems that my internet is having some major glitch. Thank goodness my mobile broadband USB dongle came to my rescue. Ha :D

Wireless Broadband,Under A Tree
I can surf with the mother nature too.

Still remember a few months ago while I was in Taiping, why I still managed to blog? Well...it is because I have subscribed to one of the wireless broadband services. Guess which wireless broadband I have chosen? Celcom Broadband. I opted for Celcom Broadband because they have the widest coverage in Malaysia, so it makes perfect sense for me. :) As mentioned earlier, I am a blogger who is completely obsessed with the virtual world-internet. So I have this urge to stay connected and be on the beat all the time.

Wireless Broadband,Mamak
Teh Tarik anyone?

My fixed home broadband has been a great servant for me, but it is not a mobile warrior that can follow me all the time. It is fixed and grounded! Here's when my wireless broadband steps in and fill in the huge, gaping void. Yep! With my little black wireless USB dongle I can surf the internet at any place that I desire. I see it as an omnipotent gateway that links me to the internet. It allows me to be "on" anytime. Woohoo!

Wireless Broadband,Bus Station
While waiting for my bus to come.

What can I do with my wireless broadband? A lot if you ask me. I use it to surf the internet while waiting for my friend beside the football field; I use it to read blogs and reply to comments before the start of the football games at mamak; I used it while awaiting for my bus to come whenever I am travelling outstation. I use it whenever I am away from home. I came to think of my wireless broadband as a very convenient and mobile replacement! I am loving it.

Wireless Broadband,MacDonald
Not all MacD comes with Wifi right?

The best part is, I can access to all the websites that I like with my mobile broadband in the office. Yes, some companies actually restrict the internet freedom of their employee just like my company. Don't get me wrong, but sometimes I need to access the internet but is unable to do so using the office internet. So to me, my very own wireless broadband is not merely a luxury anymore. Not when part of my income is funneled directly from the virtual world. Ha :D

Wireless Broadband
Shhh....don't tell my boss.

So if you are not someone who download movies 24/7, mobile broadband is actually quite good. You can get yourself connected on the go for as low as RM68. If you are willing to fork out RM98 for a Celcom Broadband, you will be blown away by the amazing 3.6Mbp speed that they are dishing out for you! My only regret is that I have subscribed to it a little too soon, because right now Celcom is throwing in a limited edition World Cup USB dongle for new subscribers during the PC Fair! YES, you can only get it in PC Fair! A must have for a footie fan like me! Arrgghhh....why? Can I get a free upgrade? Ha :D

Wireless Broadband,Celcom Broadband World Cup
Can I have that World Cup USB Dongle please?

And I wanna win this MyVi too. :D
MyVi World Cup Celcom Broadband PC Fair

MyVi Celcom PC Fair broadband
This certainly will be an attention-grabber! :)

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