Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Gifts I Received Yesterday

Yeah! Yesterday the moment I came back (around 4p.m.), 2 memos are sitting on table handsomely. I grabbed them and I was very happy to know that someone has sent me something. The memos were notices left by Pos Laju and Pos Malaysia indicating that they came to my place to hand me my gifts, but unfortunately I was not at home. Without any hesitation, immediately I changed my clothes and bolted to Pos Laju and Pos Malaysia offices. Thank goodness I managed to retrieve all my gifts before the offices closed. So hereby I wanna thank 3 of my friends for the gifts.

Woohoo! I have 3 gifts! :)

So thank you very much to Wenn, Foong and May for their gifts. I am really happy to receive them. Truly I am. This is the first time in my life I have received so many gifts in a single day. I wanna thank them for their generosity. I am very grateful. I feel so loved by all of them. Ha :D Wanna know what they gave me? I am not going to tell you guys today. So you have to stay tune. :p

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