Friday, April 16, 2010

Up Close & Personal With Taipei 101

Last night I blogged about me receiving 3 gifts from 3 different blogger friends right? Today I wanna reveal the first gift which is from Wenn. I really wanna thank Wenn because she sent me this gift even without informing me or whatsoever. Ok wait...what I meant is I don't even have to participate in any contest at all in her blog. I don't have to do nothing and voila, she gave me this lovely postcard from Taiwan. Yep! She has just returned from Taiwan and it is so sweet of her to send me this souvenir that she brought back.

Taipei 101 Postcard
Short & Sweet

It is a postcard featuring Taiwan's latest landmark-Taipei 101 Tower! It is also known as Taipei Financial Center. Do you know Taipei 101 comprises 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground? that is why it is known as Taipei 101? Anyway here's my beautiful postcard with Taipei 101 standing prominently at the middle of the gorgeous evening landscape.

Taipei 101 Postcard
Hie Taipei 101!

Taipei 101 Postcard
So captivating...I wish I can be there...

Taiwan looks so alluring from this postcard. Hopefully one day I can witness Taipei 101 with my own bare eyes too. I wanna get up close and personal with Taipei 101 too, just like Wenn. Hehe :D Again, thank you Wenn for your generosity.

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