Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Gifts From Borneo

This is the second gift that I received last Wednesday. The first one was from Wenn, Perak, and this one arrived from across the South China Sea from the land below the wind aka Sabah! I was shocked to receive this gift although I was anticipating its advent. Ha :D So why was I taken aback? Well...because there is not only one gift inside of this package...but a whopping 6 gifts altogether. Talking about generosity aye. So who is this philanthropic person? She is the Caroline. So let's see what I get.

Gifts From Borneo
My little cute purple pack.

This cute little purple pack was sent to me via our Pos Laju courier. Gosh! Its weight is pretty heavy, I bet the price Carol has to pay is quite expensive too. My bad. But never mind, I deserved it. LOL :D Just kidding lar. I am really grateful to receive such hefty gifts, truly I am. So how come she gave me this gifts? Is it because she is my fan? Nope. Is it because I am popular? Nope. It is because I won a contest in her blog last month which is to be the Top First Commenter. :)

Gifts From Borneo
Ta~da...but there's more.

Gifts From Borneo
My 6 scintillating gifts.

Yupe! These are (above) the 6 gifts that Caroline sent me: A postcard featuring our tallest peak in Malaysia-Mount Kinabalu, a bookmark of Sabah's unmistakable proboscis monkey, a flute, a "congratulatory" candles-set, and 2 awesome-looking pendants. Hmm...about those pendants, what were they made of? Ivory? I hope not pygmy elephants were killed because of this. LOL :D

Gifts From Borneo
The look sharp o...

Again, gracias to Caroline for her magnanimity. Without a doubt this is the first time I have received a gift with so many (6) gifts in it. So do you guys wanna win this gift too? It's very easy. Just be her first commenter and you might be just like me. Visit her blog now ans start staking her. LOL :D

~First Commenter~