Sunday, April 18, 2010

Man Killed For Flashing Middle Finger

A driver was killed in a brutal road rage after he showed his MIDDLE finger at another driver. And yes, this happened in Malaysia! I was shocked to read this news yesterday morning. While I was happily stuffing nasi lemak into my mouth, I was dumbstruck when I read a news in the the Star, "A Fatal Finger Gesture". Goodness gracious, this is already happening in Malaysia? I could feel my a chilling sensation down my spine. This is so horrible and it shouldn't happen in the first place.

Fatal Finger Gesture
A very saddening news...

The murdered man was a contract worker who allegedly flashed the so-called universal sign-middle finger at another driver. The slaughtered man was identified as Lim Gim Beng, 52, from Simpang Ampat. His head was seriously injured and he was reported to be bludgeoned to death at the traffic light of a flyover at Bukit Panchor. I am literally speechless to know that this could happen.

Fatal Finger Gesture

The sad incident unfolded at about 1.30am when Lim returned to his house. Apparently there was this car which knocked into his car's rear at a traffic light junction. Then the deceased chased after the car and both cars scraped each other at the next traffic light junction in Sungai Bakap. NOW, this was where (Sungai Bakap traffic light junction) showed the obscene sign-MIDDLE FINGER to the other driver. And guess what?

Fatal Finger Gesture
The gory scene where the tragic incident took place.

That middle finger gesture have just sent the other driver into complete rage and blood lust. The enraged driver chased after Lim's car until both of them lost control of their vehicles in Bukit Tambun. I believed both of them got down, scuffled and had a heated argument. Temper flared and everything turned chaotic. Unfortunately the affair ended tragically for Lim at about 2am when he was hit on the head with a big stone. Lim was bludgeoned, collapsed and died on the spot. Haih.... *sigh*

Fatal Finger Gesture
Thank God this time justice is not blind.

The cold-blooded driver fled the scene...but he left something there...his vehicle plate number. So police managed to trace him but he was not in. Fortunately the murderer agreed to surrender after police called him on his handphone. The suspect, who is a forwarding clerk, turned himself in at the Simpang Ampat police station at 11am (16th April 2010). He admitted that he had consumed alcohol. What a sad day for so many people.

Fatal Finger Gesture
Don't kill yourself with your middle finger.

One life was taken because of a moment of madness. What if Lim managed to handle the situation more amicably? What if he just ignored the other driver? What if he didn't flash his middle finger? What if the other driver didn't consume alcoholic drink? What if both of them got down and handle the accident like civilized men? All this could have ended differently...but too bad it is too late already. So the moral of this tragic ending is-do not act so hastily and do not consume alcohol. Hopefully this will not happened again in the future. :'(

P.S.: For those who likes to act "cool" and flash their middle fingers so damn is time to think carefully before you flash it again...for the next time you show it again, it could be your last.

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