Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My New Black Horsy

Still remember November last year I blogged about the departure of my trusty, rusty Black Horsy! I had to let him go because it cannot be insured anymore back then. It was a sad sight seeing it left me. But on the same day it was revived and it was given a new lease of live. Yes, I am still riding my Black Horsy, but it is not rusty anymore. Now it is my new trusty, prancing Black (Red) Horsy! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my same old brand new Black (Red) Honda EX5 Dream!

Honda EX5 Dream
My Black Horsy!

You must be wondering why I still call my new bike Black Horsy right? Hmm...because I believe that its soul is in this new bike. Do you know that I will talk to my Black Horsy while I am riding my bike? I am serious. You must be thinking that I am crazy huh. But I believe this is how I bond with Black Horsy spiritually. Perhaps this is why I always had narrow escapes on the road? I love my Black Horsy.

Honda EX5 Dream
My trusty, rusty black Horsy!

If you have been following my blog ever since its conception, you would have known that I had this Honda EX5 Dream some time ago. It was stolen a few weeks after we bought it. Click on the link to find out how my Dream vanished. For your information Honda EX5 Dream is one of the most stolen motorcycle in Malaysia! Yes, although it is not the most attractive-looking bike, Honda EX5 Dream is one of the most valuable bike because of its efficiency.

Honda EX5 Dream
Sexy backside aye?

Honda EX5 Dream is highly sought after in the black market because its prized engine. Yes, the hotter the engine, the faster and longer it can travel! This bike also requires minimum maintenance unlike its more expensive counterparts. Moreover its engine is very, very fuel efficient. Meaning more money can be saved right? That is why is it one of the most stolen bike in Malaysia!

Honda EX5 Dream
My guardian angel on the road. :)

My Black Horsy is RED in color which makes it more desirable right? That's all for today folks. Then again...I am wondering if this RED Honda EX5 will turns men on or not? LOL :D