Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Color Turns Men On?

They say women (and many men) dress to impress. But sometimes it is not about the fabric or the style of your clothings, instead it all boils down to the color of your clothes. So do you (girls, ladies, women and gays etc :p) wanna know what color turns men on the most? Having difficulty trying to figure out what color of dress you should don for your first date? Now let me reaffirm your belief about the universal color that will surely turn almost all men on at the sight of it. The color RED turns men on! A~ha, and I know most of you have already figured it out right?

Megan Fox
Do you wanna be hot like Megan Fox?

So now you know why some girls at the party look more attractive than the others? Sometimes it is about the color. You see researchers from the University of Rochester had 149 men look at picture of women wearing white, gray, blue, green and RED shirt. Most of the 149 guys ranked the red-clad women as more SEXUALLY attractive! Excited already? Now why red will make the girl more sexually appealing to the males?

Red Turns Men On
Hot and elegant right?

Researchers believe this is a biological response influenced by society's linking the color with romance. Red also symbolizes passion! That is why women tend to use red lipstick, lingerie and nail polish partly because they know men respond to it more than to other color. Now you know right? How to make yourself more desirable! Use, wear and apply everything RED to make yourself hotter for men. Haha :D

P.S.: I wonder what color will turn women on then? :p