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9 Reasons Why Your Nuffnang Ads Are Sleeping

I have read a lot of blog posts complaining that their Nuffnang Ads are always "sleeping" or "empty". Do you think somehow you are being victimized and need to be vindicated? I can feel your pain. In fact me, myself had complained about this too last year which almost prompted me to join Adverlets. But after weighing the pros and cons I decided to stick with Nuffnang because they are more reliable. I have done some research and collected some data about the possible reasons why our Nuffnang Ads keep on dozing. So here are the 3 main factors which are causing your Ads to be so "sleepy"-You, Advertiser and Nuffnang! Yes, we, ourselves are at fault too.

Empty Ads.

9 Reasons Why Your Nuffnang Ads Are Sleeping

Nuffnang Empty Ads

You, Yourselves-The Blogger: With all due respect, I strongly believe we need to look into the mirror first before we can start pointing at the others. We are the main reason why our Nuffnang Ads are like sleeping beauties.

1~You Are Not A VIP Glitterati. In case you didn't know, if you are not a Glitterati your earning will decrease by 100%. If you are not a Glitterati, less Ad campaigns will be assigned for you and hence less ad will appear in your blog. So your Nuffnang Ads will keep on sleeping.

2~Not Enough Unique Traffic. No ads are going to appear in your blog if there is not enough unique readers or traffic. No advertisers are going to waste their money on blogs that don't have good traffic. You need a constant amount of good traffic to keep your Nuffnang Ads awake.

3~Not Enough Local Traffic. Nuffnang is a local advertising company that caters to local (Malaysian) advertisers. So if you don't have enough local unique visitors, you will not be awarded the higher-paying buffered ad campaign from Nuffnang which targets local traffic.

4~Bad Placement of Ad Units. You can put 10 Nuffnang Ads unit in your blog, but if the placements are bad, all you are going to see are sleeping Ads from Nuffnang. So remember to put your Ads unit strategically.

5~You Did Not Choose To Show Global CPC Ads. Don't forget to set this preference in your blog survey. By choosing this option, your blog(s) will be showing Global CPC Ads for all your traffic regardless of their geographical source. This is especially important if you don't have a lot of buffered campaigns.

Advertisers: They are the real bosses who are paying the money and not Nuffnang. So we have to thank them for letting us earning some good money. And of course advertisers will always ensure that their money is well-spent. Everything they fork out has to give them a good return (ROI) and that's why our Nuffnang Ads will fell asleep from time to time.

6~Limited Budget. Advertisers have limited budget for their marketing campaigns. So once the amount they fork our is used up, there will be no more ads for us until a new fund is pumped into Nuffnang again. Advertisers need to be cost-effective and we have to understand this concept.

7~Seasonal And On-Demand Campaigns. Nuffnang and Adsense are totally different. Advertisers that advertise with Nuffnang mostly want to create awareness for their products and services; whilst Adsense emphasize more on conversion. So you will receive more ad campaigns from Nuffnang when there is a special occasion such as Chinese New Year or Christmas. How about on-demand campaigns then? Let's say a company want to launch a new product or service they will advertise with Nuffnang to help them create awareness amongst the readers.

Nuffnang's Fault: Some of the bloggers have sort of worshipped Nuffnang as if Nuffnang is the one who give them money. Well, not directly of course. Instead Nuffnang should be our servant and not the other way round. More on this later. I have to say that Nuffnang played a HUGE part whether your blog will receive ads or not.

8~Nuffnang Has To Please Everyone. And that's why your Ads are getting sleepier nowadays. Why is that? If you are following our online advertising industry closely, you would have known that Nuffnang is facing a lot of fierce competition from Innity and Adverlets. A lot of Nuffnang publishers have crossed over to Innity which is paying way better. And more and more are returning back to the resurgent Adverlets which is paying what their publishers deserve. Hence Nuffnang is awarding more ad campaigns for more bloggers in order to command their loyalty. But the budget or fund given by the advertisers are fixed and hence this decrease the chances of ads appearing in our blogs.

9~Nuffnang Don't Like You. This is debatable but that's the brutal truth. Unlike Adsense which serves ads based on your contents, Nuffnang will actually assign ad campaigns to you manually. They will decide whether your blogs meet Nuffnang (or their personal) required criteria to receive those buffered campaigns. So don't forget to attend their parties so that more Ads will appear in your blog.

Well, that's all from me folks. I hope my cents worth is relevant enough to answer your doubts. Or did I just confuse you even more? Remember traffic is still king! So find ways to make your Nuffnang Ads more insomniac ok! :)

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