Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Bye My Black Horsy...

"We have to let him go!" Those are the words that dad told me after he came home. "What? Black Horsy can no longer stay with us? Why?" I asked. Dad got me to sit down and explained why I had to give up on Black Horsy. Dad told me that he is too old already and there are not a single insurance companies out there willing to insure him anymore. I couldn't believe it. heart ached. I could feel the agony piercing through my heart.

Black Horsy heard about it too. Everything seems to stop for a moment. It was raining but he didn't wanna come in. He was waiting outside anxiously...

Why? How come there is not a single insurance company out there willing to insure him? I was so crestfallen when I went to comfort him. I approached Black Horsy and patted his head. He didn't make a noise but I knew deep down inside he was equally in despair. However Black Horsy tried to cheer me up and even wanted me to ride on him, which I did. I rode Black Horsy and went to a few places together. I really don't wanna miss him.

Good bye to you my Black Horsy!

Although I have been with Black Horsy for only 7 years, but it felt like we have known each other for a lifetime. Black Horsy is really old right now. He is 25 years old already. The others at his age have been put to sleep but Black Horsy is really strong! Unfortunately his ailing condition made it hard for him to serve us any longer. As much as I want to keep him I knew it is time for him to leave. I had to let go...

My Black Horsy-Honda Fame!

Goodbye to you my trusty, Black Horsy! Goodbye to you my Honda Fame. I will never ever forget you. My memories with you will be etched in my heart. Every time my pulse beats, I will think of you. I love you so much Black Horsy. You were the first one to give me the courage to take on the road. You have never failed to be by my my side whenever I need you. You were the one that made it possible for me and my wife to travel in our mean so much to me...

He has never failed me. :)

And most importantly Black Horsy, you had again and again protected me from any danger. I was involved in several accidents before but each time I will came out unscathed. I know it was you who were protecting me Black Horsy. But when you needed me the most, I failed to protect you! :( I am so sorry. Tears welled in my eyes when I had to bring you to your final destination. It was so hard for me but I wanna accompany you for your final journey.

You will always be in my heart Black Horsy...

I swear I will never forget you and I believe you'll be in Heaven right now. Or will be reincarnated and reunited with me again? Goodbye my Black Horsy...

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