Thursday, August 27, 2009

So It Was Your Fault~lar!

I woke up today hoping that Streamyx will somehow be "well". Too bad I was utterly wrong. I tried repairing the line again and again...and again...(for 2 hours) to no avail! Gosh, I thought the problem was temporary. Crap! I had enough of this mayhem, hence I called Streamyx to end this misery of mine. I was wondering whose fault was it. Streamyx or Aztech's? But I had to wait a few hours to get that answer. I waited...and waited...and waited...ok they were not going to come at noon, I fetched my wife home for lunch and we watched TV together while enjoying our meals.

One of the suspects...

Around 3p.m. after I took my shower, I was a little jaded and I wanted to take a short nap. The weather was quite soothing too. Just when I was about to doze off, my phone rang. It was the Streamyx technicians. They were here already. They came and did their normal troubleshooting routine. They took out a special device to test the problem. And their verdict were...

It was its fault...

It was Aztech's fault! Yeah! We were all pointing fingers at Streamyx, but then it turned out that Aztech was the culprit. They checked the line and it was perfect. So they brought a new modem to test whether the Aztech modem was the root of my problem. They plugged in the new Billion modem and voila...I could surf again! So it was indeed Aztech's fault. So these few days, it was Aztech who was giving me headaches~lar! I was so frustrated these few days...if only I was a little smarter and called Streamyx earlier right? Ha :D

The replacement.

Now I can surf as usual again! I am relieved that the problem has been solved. But I am a little dejected too because Aztech has been accompanying me for 2 years. Its departure really saddens me. But well....bygones are bygones...RIP Aztech! I'll be missing you, Aztech! "He" had been a great comrade, battle alongside me for 2 years. But now it's time to move on.

I'll be missing you my dear friend.

I can surf again right now. If not you wouldn't be able to read this post right? But bye bye RM60 for the new modem. :) I hope there will be no more problem.

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