Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aztech's Or Streamyx's Fault?

These few days I can't really connect to the Internet easily. Yes! I said easily because I could still connect to the Internet, but I have to repair the line like....fourty times before I can really surf the net. I'm not kidding folks..not once...not twice...but 40 times. At times I have to switch the modem and wireless routers on and off a lot of times before I can enjoy my 1Mbps internet connection. How ironic and funny! Yesterday alone I spent 1 hour trying to connect, all to the amusement of my wife. She was sitting comfortably watching the TV while I was pulling my hair wondering what went wrong!

I still can't tell...

This morning however, I was lucky. I only needed to repair the line...for 10 times I guess. I dare not switch off my modem (since this morning) for fear that I cannot reconnect. Ha :D And now the connection is stable. That's why I could publish my delayed Music Monday post. I am not sure what had happened. I am a little frustrated right now, because I don't have the slightest idea what is the root of the problem. Is it the Streamyx or my Aztech's modem and router? Who is the culprit? I still can't tell.

Is it time to change for a new wireless modem?

Earlier on I read a post written by Keeyit, relating her ordeal with her Internet connection. Amazingly, I thing my problem is somewhat similar to hers. So...I'm gonna wait and see. If these situation persist for a few days, then I have to either call Streamyx or change a new Wireless modem. So I wanna apologise in advance if I can't publish any post or read your blogs for a few days ok. It's 4p.m. already. I need to take a short break. ;)

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