Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BN Lost Again...As Expected!

The result is out. And as expected, Barisan National candidate lost again! PAS won the Permatang Pasir by-election with a 4, 551 vote majority. PAS candidate Mohd Salleh Man, garnered a staggering 9,618 votes while BN's Rohaizat only managed to squeeze out merely 5,076 votes! No surprise as I have expected this to happen.

A lot of Barison National fans hope this would be the day they could regain Permatang Pasir. Well...their dream didn't materialise though. The only consolation is the majority has decrease by 500 votes. Not bad what! BN was beaming with hope and confidence earlier on, saying that this is the day they will rule again...more so with Najib at the helm of BN's leadership! They thought they were ready to kick Pas out! Their false hope is still a mere empty one in the end. A blaring false again. But why?

Mohd Salleh, The Victor!

Why did the people in Permatang Pasir refused to give BN another try? Obviously Najib is doing a great job, fulfilling his potential as our PM. What went wrong then? Didn't the people in the Permatang Pasir know that BN can bring more development compared to PAS? Of course they knew that...even the blind fathom this fact. Not even PAS's staunchest disciples can deny this. But what makes them choose someone who can't bring in the needed development? Why do they want to spurn away development?

Sorry Chap! Dejected Rohaizat!

Is all because of Rohaizat Othman. Yes. BN chose the wrong person to contest for this by-election. This is a bad call made by them. Instead of becoming the paragon, Rohaizat has became a flop! His past had came back to haunt him. True to the saying, "What comes around, goes around!" Worse still, he is certain to be made the scapegoat for BN's failure. Why didn't BN check on his credentials before nominating him?

The official announcement!

You see there was a complaint lodge against Rohaizat by the purchaser of a real property. Rohaizat was accused of failing to refund RM161,000 to the complainant after the transaction was aborted. Although he might have cleared the debt...but in the eyes of the people. He is a conman. The people in Permatang Pasir perceived him as a corrupt person. That's why they decided not to vote for someone who is not honest and didn't have integrity. Politics in Malaysia is very candid. All their judgements are based on perceptions. What they hear, what they see on the "surface" ultimately decide their thinking! That explains a lot I guess.

All I can say is....BN had been beaten again...as expected right?

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