Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When We Can Fly...

Been onto a plane before? Ever wonder how this stuff could fly...suspended on the air and translocates us from one place to another within a matter of hours? Perhaps the Wright Brothers could answer you if they are still alive. Today's post has something to do with flight & airplanes. Yep! For this edition of Wordlesser Wednesday, I would like to share with you guys some photos I "hijacked" from Ayie. LOL :D I have requested Ayie to allow me to post some photos of hers on my blog and straight away she e-mailed me her gorgeous photos. Ayie has given me her permission to post a few photos she snapped during the visit to the Air Museum a few weeks ago. Now let us fly shall we?

How they solved the problem of flight!

Ouh...this is how they navigated a "Dino" plane! :)

Practice makes perfect.

These documents look pretty old to me. Perhaps these are the beginning of our aviation industry? Could these be the percursor that lead us to where we are right now? Nice snaps from Ayie right? She captured the details like a pro. Again I wanna thank Ayie for her photos. That's all folks. So let us...


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